Meet my holiday helper, the iBraava! Yes, he is so fine!

irobot braava

iRobots are not new to our home. We have used the iRobot Roomba for five years and love him. In the past year we have also been using the iRobot Mint. Well now iRobot has sweetened their fleet with the iBraava. This little fella didn’t disappoint.

ibraava irobot

I know these products seem pricey (about $299.99), but for me I don’t have a cleaning lady and it it just the help I need! It gives me piece of mind to hear it cleaning while I am able to do something else (or while  I doing nothing).

So I just have to share what I love most about the iBraava!

  • It has two cleaning modes for damp and dry cleaning. I can even use disposable cleaning cloths, including Swiffer brand  It comes with a specially designed reusable microfiber cloths. I just toss these into the washer when I am done!
  • Cleans all hard wood floor types including tile, vinyl, hardwood and laminate.
  • It has a special navigation system that keeps it on track. It systematically cleans my whole floor in one pass.
  • Cleans Under Furniture. He is slim and can clean under sofas and tables and get into tight areas where other cleaners can’t.
  • It cleans dust and dirt right along walls, baseboards and edges.
  • It doesn’t hurt my furniture. It has a  soft bumper  that cushions the contact made with walls, furniture and other objects.

iRobot has helped me find a smarter (and easier) way to clean! Check the iBraava out for yourself. I think you would love it! We do!



Thanks iRobot for sponsoring this post and allowing me to try out the iBraava. I am such a fan!


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