is one of my most favorite things!  I have collected these eggs for years.  A friend helped me take these awesome pictures.


It is hard to see the scale but it is huge.  I used limbs (branches are too small) from a tree in our yard. Our tree is filled with memories of places we have been and moments shared with friends.  I am amazed with the skill of crafters all over the world to create these beautiful eggs and wooden clips.


Many of the eggs are from Germany where our family spent five years.


Frohe Ostern! (Happy Easter!)

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  1. Beautiful closeups! I have eggs that my kids and I have made over the years that I hang on tree branches. Because of your photos, I made paper flower clips and dragonfly ones from a garland I purchased at Hobby Lobby. Perfect for spring!

  2. Easter eggs r exceptionally beautiful n r of paramount importance in certain cultures n I come from such a culture.
    So I guess that’s y the precedence given to decorative eggs😊

  3. I’m very thankful to u for sharing this great image of the tree on which u hung all of ur decorative egg collection 😊
    I actually did everything from scratch for this Easter😊
    I collected real eggs from my baking n painted the eggs in my own designs n hung the eggs on a skeletal plant which was already in a pot.
    It was real fun doing it even tho it took a lot of time.
    I posted it on fb n my friends liked it very much as well as my friends who got to see it in reality.
    I even made the flowers the dragon fly the bird n also added the butterfly all made of paper n rope😊

  4. Someone thought a painted tree would look good. No an Easter tree should ideally have some buds, representing rebirth and the beginning of spring. I haven’t put our decorations out yet but it always make Spring seem closer when we do.

  5. These decorations are beautiful. You can find many of them at

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