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We are excited about the new movie Wonder Park in theaters March 15th. Wonder Park tells a story of a wildly creative girl named June who imagines a magnificent amusement park that comes alive! With the help of fun and lovable park characters, she will have to put the wonder back into the park before it is lost forever. You will love the beautiful animation and positive messages of imagination, creativity
and teamwork.

We think the character Peanut, a monkey who is also the park’s ride maker, the monkey is super cute and couldn’t wait to make these fun monkey pops in celebration!

Get to know Peanut a little better in the clip below!

two monkey cookie pops

Monkey Cookie Pop Supplies

  • chocolate sandwich cookies
  • mini vanilla wafers
  • melting chocolate
  • 3/8 inch candy eyes
  • green edible marker
  • paper sucker sticks
  • pastry bag
  • #2 or #3 pastry tip

supplies cookies chocolate melts pastry bag tip candy eyes sticks

How to Make Peanut the Monkey Cookie Pop from the Movie Wonder Park

Melt chocolate in a double boiler over low heat. Take apart cookie. Put melted chocolate inside the cookie and place the sucker stick on top. Put the cookie back together and allow chocolate to completely harden. The cookie will be thicker, that is okay. This will make it easier to attach the ears.

chocolate sandwich cookie open with stick

While the cookies are setting complete the next two steps before dipping the cookies.

1.Place the pastry tip inside the pastry bag. Place a bit of melted chocolate in the bag and pipe a furry tuft onto wax paper. Allow to completely harden. When not using the chocolate wrap in a warm towel to keep it from hardening and clogging the tip.

piping chocolate

2.Using a serrated knife cut the mini vanilla wafers in half. Take the knife and gently carve the cookies to look

mini vanilla wafer cut in half

When chocolate holding the cookie stick is completely hardened begin dipping the cookies.  Lay them flat on parchment paper.

cookie on stick dipped in chocolate

Before the chocolate completely hardens add ears, mouth, eyes and tuft of hair (not pictured).  Dipping the edges of the ears in the melted chocolate will help them attach easier.

dipped cookie with mini cookies added for monkey features

Pipe on a mouth and nostrils with the melted chocolate.

piping chocolate mouth and nostrils on to cookie

You have the cutest monkey!

monkey cookie pop

It wouldn’t be Peanut from the movie Wonder Park without green eyes! Use the edible green marker to give the eyes a bit of color!

make green eyes on monkey

Now you have Peanut!

monkey cookie pop peanut from Wonder Park

Are you ready to get crafty in the kitchen, After all, we all can be like June and create anything we imagine!

child holding monkey pop

Check out the movie with your family when it comes to theaters on March 15th!



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