Taco Tuesday has become a weekly tradition in my house. I love serving a family-style meal where all I have to do is put a bunch of ingredients into bowls. I mean, tacos can’t be any easier, and I totally understand why so many people have made Mexican food a staple in their homes. We all know the charcuterie board craze is still rocking, so it was just a matter of time until someone came up with some Mexican charcuterie board ideas. 

If you want to create a Mexican food charcuterie board, you will need some supplies. I’ve linked all of my favorite charcuterie board necessities below.

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Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas

If you are looking for a good charcuterie board that is not only an amazing appetizer but also the perfect main course, this list of Mexican charcuterie board ideas is for you!

1. How to Build a Mexican Charcuterie Board

Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-a food lovers kitchen
A simple and delicious taco board.

A Food Lover’s Kitchen has put together a charcuterie board that has all the Mexican flavors, from salsa to spicy chicken. This simple board is a great way to celebrate Mexican food!

2. Create a Snackable Mexican Grazing Board

Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-pete and gerry's
A charcuterie board with some chili lime twists.

Looking to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with some Mexican dishes? Pete and Garry’s Organic Eggs has put together a snack board that puts some twists on the classics. You’ll find some Mexican street corn deviled eggs, fresh veggies and fruits dipped in chili lime seasoning, and even lime slices for a garnish.

3. Mexican-Inspired Charcuterie Board

Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-sense and edibility
A traditional charcuterie board with a Mexican inspired twist.

Sense & Edibility has created a custom charcuterie board that is perfect for any time of year. Packed with meats like salami, chorizo, and ham, plus many other options like olives, dark chocolate, and some traditional fruits like starfruit or carambola. The perfect party appetizer and delicious in every aspect!


Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-play party plan
A sweet, salty, and spicy mix.

A Cinco de Mayo party isn’t a party until you pull out a Mexican-inspired charcuterie board with a spicy, sweet, and salty mix! This Mexican charcuterie board idea from Play Party Plan not only has small bowls of queso, homemade guacamole, and salsa. But, she has added larger items like mini quesadillas, taquitos, and churros. She even tried to use Mexican cheeses like Mexican manchego.

5. Mexican-Inspired Grazing Board

Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-aint too proud to meg
The more dips, the better.

In the center of the board from Ain’t Too Proud To Meg, you will find a variety of dips that are sure to be a big hit at your next gathering or birthday party, including a cheese dip, salsa verde, and other options! This Mexican food board isn’t just full of dips. You’ll also find cubes of cheese, tortilla chips, fresh vegetables, and more.


Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-bubbly side of life
Tacos to go!

A grab-and-go option is always fun when creating a grazing board! You want everyone to be able to grab what they are looking for and walk away. Bubbly Side of Life has put together a simple charcuterie board full of finger foods like tacos in a cup and chicken taquitos.


Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-azteca foods
A simple and delicious Mexican charcuterie board idea.

Azteca Foods has put together a Mexican board like no other. With cotija cheese, Azteca Fiesta pinwheels, and some fresh lime juice to add even more flavor!


Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-in mama maggie's kitchen
A simple charucterie board for one.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to enjoy a Mexican charcuterie board for one, this board from Mama Maggie’s Kitchen is perfect. Made with a few ingredients from around your kitchen and in your pantry. You can enjoy some cheese, meat, and guacamole.

9. Steak Fajitas Board

Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-pizzazzerie
Steak fajitas for the win.

Pizzazzerie has created something that combines one of your family’s favorite Mexican recipes with the idea of a charcuterie board, and it’s unlike the others. This steak fajita board is the kind of board your family will devour when you place it down. A  skillet of steak, warm grilled tortillas, fresh veggies, and even some fresh salsa and ripe avocado to top it all off!

10. Easy Spicy Mexican Charcuterie Board for Cinco de Mayo

Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-mozie
A simple and delicious board.

When a recipe is easy, I know it’s for me! Mozie has put together a spicy Mexican charcuterie board that is perfect for anyone who likes a little heat! She’s put some mini tacos, spicy salsa, and some nachos.

11. How to Make an Epic Steak Taco Board

Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-reluctant entertainer
Can it get any better than mini tacos?

Reluctant Entertainer is known for some of the most beautiful boards on the internet, and her taco board does not disappoint.  Allow each of your guests to create their own tacos and enjoy them exactly how they want them. Pickled red onion, fresh cilantro lime rice, and more will make your guests happy!

12. Mexican Charcuterie Board (Easy)

Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-this vivacious life
Make your own nachos, and tacos, and enjoy!

Fans of nachos will love this charcuterie board or nacho board. This Mexcian favorite is the perfect finger food dish for taco Tuesday, Cinco De Mayo, or really any day of the year! Ground beef, your favorite Mexican cheeses, and a variety of salsas make this nacho board delicious. The best part? The Vivacious Life makes everything so easy!

13. Quesadilla Toppings Bar

Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-aint too proud to meg
A quesadilla board you can brag about.

Grab some margaritas and some friends for a little fiesta! This Mexican charcuterie board idea from Ain’t Too Proud to Meg is a crowd-pleaser! It is absolutely perfect with some mild cheeses, fresh salsa, and other favorite toppings.

14. Cinco de Mayo Mexican Charcuterie Board

Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-reluctant entertainer
A large and in charge Mexican-inspired charcuterie board.

This large Mexican charcuterie board from Reluctant Entertainer is perfect if you expect many guests! Fill the entire board with Mexican cuisine like chips, salsa, meat, cheese, and other variety of items your friends and guests will enjoy.


Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-fork in the kitchen
Bright and bold.

Fork in the Kitchen has put together a bright and colorful cheese board that includes fresh vegetables and queso fresco, pico de gallo, and more. Just grab a simple cutting board and get creative!

16. Build-Your-Own Breakfast Taco Board

Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-the baker mama
Build your own breakfast.

When thinking of Mexican charcuterie board ideas, your mind probably goes straight to dinner. But what if I told you there is a build-your-own breakfast burrito board? The Baker Mama has created one of the most delicious looking Mexican breakfast boards around.

17. How To Create A Mexican Charcuterie Board For Your Next Party

Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-daily mom
Simple and to the point.

Daily Mom gives you the low down on making a Mexican charcuterie board that is easy and full of Mexican flavors, including fresh fruit, cheese dip with chili powder, and mellow meats that cover the board.

18. How to Make a Mexican Charcuterie Board

Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-skills share
The Mexican charcuterie board is unmatched!

This taco board may look too good to eat! Skill Share has anything you can think of when it comes to a good taco charcuterie board. You’ve got sour cream, seasonal fruit, veggies, fresh cheese, and multiple types of meat.

19. Mexican Butter Board

Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-sargento
Butter and Mexican are the perfect match.

If you’re interested in butter boards, then this Mexcian version may be what you are looking for. Sargento has created a Mexican butter board that includes cheese, Irish butter, jalapenos, and rolls.

20. Mexican Charcuterie Board

Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-beyond mere sustenance
Full of options and flavors.

Planning to create a big board is a good idea when coming up with Mexican charcuterie board ideas because there are just so many options. Beyond Mere Sustenance has created a board that is big enough and has enough options for everyone.


Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-the college housewife
A simple board for date night.

Have a date night coming up or a small group of friends heading to your house this weekend for taco night? The College Housewife has put together a charcuterie platter that may be a perfect size.

22. Mexican Buffet Board

Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-carisseyu
Make your own tacos.

A buffet board is a perfect addition to any party. People can grab what they want and then head on their way. Charisse Yu has created a board that involves little prep time and lets everyone take exactly what they like.

23. Cinco de Mayo Charcuterie Mexican Board (For Easy Entertaining)

Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-my hubbard home
A simple and delicious Mexican charcuterie board.

My Hubbard Home has created a Mexican charcuterie board that is easy to make and is a fun way to serve some Mexican favorites.

24. Sweet and Spicy Mexican Charcuterie Board

Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-living mi vida loca
A sweet and spicy combo.

Living Mi Vida Loca has a simple sweet, and spicy charcuterie board that includes a sweet and spicy queso fundido, jellies, and jams picked up at Knotts Berry Farm Theme Park and more.


Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-the recipe critic
Everything you need for Taco Tuesday, all on one board.

A taco board from The Recipe Critic allows everyone to dress up their own mini taco or taquitos, and they can even make them into their own taco salads. Black beans, salsa, and guacamole all have a home on this board.

26. Mexican Appetiser Platter

Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-ribbons to pastas
A unique board with over eight different dips!

The full-on Mexican version of a charcuterie board is from Ribbons to Pasta. She’s included all the traditional foods along with seven layered dip, barley salad, pineapple salsa, and other delicious options.

27. How to Make the Ultimate Taco Charcuterie Board

Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-pretty together
Taco Tuesday favorite!

The ultimate taco board does exist, and Pretty Together has created it! This board has everything from taco fillings and toppings to Mexican sides and snacks!

28. Make a Festive Mexican Food Charcuterie Board with Cricut

Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-mom endeavors
Simple nacho board.

Mom Endeavors has a simple Mexican charcuterie board idea that is easy to make on a weeknight before or after soccer practice!


Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-seasoned to taste
Which would you choose?

Tex-Mex is absolutely amazing, and Seasoned to Taste has created a nacho board that anyone could enjoy!

30. The Perfect Mexican Cheese Board

Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-hola jalapeno
A sophisticated Mexican board.

Hola Jalapeno has a cheese board that is simple to make and does not require a special trip to the Latin markets. No need to run out and grab a large platter for this one, and it’s perfect for a small get-together or date night.

31. Mexican Shrimp Salad Board

Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-reluctant entertainer
The perfect Mexican shrimp board does exist!

Reluctant Entertainer knows a thing or two when it comes to big boards, and this Mexican shrimp board may be one of the biggest I’ve seen yet!


Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-the yummy bowl
Which taco do you want?

Host an easy taco night party with this charcuterie board from Yummy Bowl. She even gives you two different taco recipes!


Mexican Charcuterie Board Ideas-hip foodie mom
Build your own taco this taco Tuesday!

A delicious and simple build your own taco board from Hip Foodie Mom is the perfect weeknight dinner or for a weekend sleepover! Include all of your family’s favorites and more. 

There are so many Mexican charcuterie board ideas and so many creative ways to include a Mexican favorite, like a taco, quesadilla, or taquito. One of the recipes above is the obvious choice when deciding what type of charcuterie board you should serve at your next Cinco De Mayo party, or any party for that matter! 

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