This Jewelry Pouch makes a great gift for the jewelry lover.  I love working with felt.  Make these cute handmade cards for all your gifts with this easy tutorial.

Hello! I’m Betsy Blodgett and I am the host of the crafty podcast Hello Atelier! I’m a big believer in handmade holiday presents, so I was excited to join Skip To My Lou in the Holiday Bake Craft Sew Along. I wanted to come up with a project that would be useful, pretty and most importantly, easy and fun to make.


Inspired by floral paper cut outs by Matisse, I wanted to make my own amorphous flowers, but instead of paper, I decided to use felt. I knew these would make a great decoration on a simple pouch, which can be used for jewelry or cosmetics. These little pouches are easy to make – they go together so quickly, you can cross off your whole gift list in one afternoon!

Jewelry Pouch


two 9″ x 12″ grey felt pieces for the pouch

Multiple felt scraps in different colors for the flowers

Embroidery thread and needle

General sewing supplies


*Note: Before starting, print out this floral pattern pdf – or freehand your own!

Step One: Trim 1″ off one 9″ x 12″ felt piece so that it now measures 8″ x 12″.


2: Trim the other 9″ x 12″ felt piece to measure 7″ x 8″.


3. Measure down 1″ from the top of the 7″ x 8″ piece, along the 8″ width. Use a chalk marking tool to draw a line. Repeat on the 8″ x 12″ felt piece.


4. Use the paper pattern to cut out:

1 large daisy and 6 daisy petals

1 large, medium and small zinnia

1 large, medium and small petunia

two leaves

freehand cut center circles for daisy and zinnia


5. On the zinnia and petunia, layer your flower pieces large to small. On the daisy, place the petals so the bottoms meet in the center. Then place the center dots on the petunia and daisy.


6. Using two strands of embroidery thread, push the needle up from the back through the center of the flowers, then, push the needle back through again though the center. Repeat. Secure on back. If you have trouble catching all the daisy petals, take more stitches.


7. Place the small pouch piece with the marked line facing up. Place your flowers and leaves on the piece, centering them between the marked line and the bottom. Use your needle and embroidery thread to stitch the flowers on the pouch front with the same method used in the previous step. *If you feel like you want your flowers to be fully adhered, feel free to stitch around all the petals.


8. Place the large piece with the marked line facing up. Layer the small piece on top, with the flowers facing up.


9. On the large piece, fold the felt towards the body of the pouch, along the line. Then, bring that folded edge down to meet the line on the small piece. Pin on each end. Pin along the three open sides of the short piece.


10. Use your sewing machine to topstitch around the three pinned edges with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Be sure to backstitch on each end.


That’s it! One holiday gift done, hopefully not too many to go. Enjoy!


Thanks so much for joining me for some handmade holiday fun! If you need a break this hectic holiday, hop over to Hello Atelier to listen to my podcast. We have some great, inspirational interviews with amazing artists and makers, whether you want some modern design inspiration from quilting guru Jacquie Geiring


or want to take a step back in time with legendary 1960’s fashion designer Barbara Hulanicki.


See you there!


Betsy Blodgett is the host of  Hello Atelier, the podcast that take you inside the artist’s studio. Check out season one for inspirational interviews from Jacquie Geiring, Angela Walters, Barbara Hulanicki and more! 

A fashion, design, and sewing enthusiast living in Kansas, she spends her time traveling, writing (look for her work in Seamwork magazine) and moving cats off her sewing table. 

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