We had fun yesterday using this kit to make chocolate Easter bunnies.


We found the kit at our cake and candy supply store. It comes with enough melts to make 1 solid bunny or two hollow.  You simply melt the chocolate and pour into the mold.  We had to keep pressing the mold together but otherwise it worked great. I would love a smaller bunny!


The mold worked great with real chocolate, however I didn’t get it quite tempered right—- this bunny didn’t shine. The kids didn’t care, they were thrilled to see the process.


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  1. Oh nostalgia! My mum used to make bunnies and eggs in this way, I think she used clothes pegs to hold the two sides of the mold together? I’ll have to get into gear and try it with my kiddies. Thanks.

  2. I have made chocolates before and believe it or not if you put a little wax ( like used for canning) it will make it shine and have no effect on the eating at all

  3. I may have to try this with a few little people I know! Do you suppose using those binder clips all around the mold would work to keep it closed?

  4. Love your site! I get so many good ideas from it! I’ve nominated you for an award!!! Check out my blog to view it: dressesandmesses.wordpress.com

    Thanx for all your work!

    Angee 🙂

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