Last Minute Teacher Gift Ideas

    Posted by  ·  May 22, 2015

    The end of the school year is upon us! Here are several clever and even meaningful ways to tell a teacher, Thank you!   Don’t let this chance pass to show your appreciation. These last minute teacher gift ideas are both useful and appreciated by teachers (I did ask).  Whatever you do, do something!  It doesn’t need to cost much money, a heartfelt note is always cherished.

    Gift Card

    In my opinion gift cards are the number one gift you can give a teacher!  No matter how much “stuff” they receive everyone can always use a gift card!  You can make it cute with a free printable card holder like this ice cream cone gift card holder.
    last minute teacher gift ideas

    You are TOTE-ally Awesome

    Fill a tote bag with summer essentials and attach this cute TOTE-ally Awesome tag!  Every teacher will love getting a cute tote bag filled with summer fun!
    last minute teacher gift ideas


    Most teachers love chocolate. This treat is simple to give and perfect for even high school and middle school teachers (since you probably have a lot to give). Simply print these Teacher Appreciation Candy Bar Wrappers and wrap it up!
    last minute teacher gift ideas

    Plant or Flowers

    It’s the perfect time of year to give a plant or flower! Simply stick a pic inside with a sweet printable flower pick!
     Last day of school gift ideas

    You Take The Cake

    This easy last minute gift will be a favorite of every one you give it to! Think of office workers, aides etc…  Simply buy or make a cake and use my free printable you take the cake tag.
    you take the cake teacher gift idea

    Write a Note

    Be sure to take a minute to have your child write a simple note of appreciation to their teacher ( you should too)!  This will likely be of more value than any gift, treat or clever idea.  Teachers love hearing how they have helped each of your children and how they are making a difference!
    Take note printable tag
    Looking for clever ways to thank your favorite teachers?  These printable teacher appreciation gift tags will do the trick and make gift giving super easy!

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