One piece of advice you all have given me in my organization quest is to label everything. So I have started labeling. I have had these containers from IKEA forever but they were never labeled.  I had to open the lids each time I wanted to find something.

Silly I didn’t I label them before when they had a spot and even the card to do so.

Labeling is much more fun because I have one of these.

This Brother PTouch1280 is slick! The best thing is that there are so many tape options (iron on fabric tape, archival tape for scrapbooking, packing tape, etc.) that it really has more uses than just organization.

Brother is giving one lucky reader a PTouch Labeler. Leave a comment (I should make you post a photo of your craft area—wink wink!–it’s okay a comment will do) on this post before Sunday night at midnight and one of you will be the proud owner of this handy gadget!

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  1. I know I don’t have much of a chance, but somebody’s got to win, right?

    I might have to get me one of these, though. Iron on tape? That’s awesome!

  2. How I would love one of these labelers! I could use in my guest room/storage area, my kitchen, my laundry room, even use fabric labels for my kids’ clothes. Oh my gosh, where wouldn’t I use it?

  3. My daughter would absolutely LOVE this!! And I could really use this for they myriad of projects I have left unfinished!

  4. Oodles of labeling to be completed in my house. A neat tool like this might just be all the motivation needed!

  5. How cool is that!! I too feel like I spend lots of time hunting for stuff. It must be a universal hazard for crafters :)) Thanks for sharing the goodness.

  6. I need one so bad. I goal this year is to get my self organized. This would be be very helpful.

  7. Oh, I really, really, really need to clean my craft area. My husband starts mumbling about “levels of squalor” every time he opens the door.
    So I have an old label maker, which I love, and need to use more. But: iron-on tape! And a daughter going to sleepaway camp for two weeks this summer! A match made in heaven…

  8. I would love to win the label maker to help with my new years organization. Help, I can’t tell what is in all my bins.
    Thanks for the chance to win and especially for your fantastic blog. Thanks for sharing all of your creativeness!

  9. I have the same boxes … also unlabeled. Though that could all change IF I win!! I’ve been wanting one of these gems for ages!!

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