Thank you for all of your comments.  I am so excited to use the ideas–keep them coming! I am posting a tutorial on #6 plastic next week!

My kids are still on break and looking for things to do so we will try some of these simple activities from Dover Publications.  They are all free and ready for you to print.

If you sign up for their newsletter they will regularly send you free items for you to try.

They have wonderful vintage graphics for crafting! I love their Full-Color Holiday Vignettes CD-ROM and Book (Dover Full-Color Electronic Design).  I used the images  to make Fourth of July Party Favors and have some plans for St Patrick’s Day.

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  1. I use my dover weekly all the time…so glad someone else is a fan. You can also check out these super fun paper crafts. The first one here: is a Japanese site, just click on where it says pdf… its actually really easy to do and my five and threeyear olds love it. There’s also a more complex paper town to build at this one will need mom’s hands, but again, its a nice craft for the day…

    Here’s to one more week of break…whew!

  2. I’ve been really looking hard for cool coloring books. I want something really different. Maybe something adults can get into as well? Can you make any suggestions?

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