Welcome to the new releases of our Kawaii Bookmarks! We have good news; you can download and print two high quality bookmark collections here. 

Dive into the beauty of these adorable bookmark sets, with one colorful and another ready for your little hands to color! You can download them free, and there’s no need to use your email address.

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Try these free kawaii bookmarks now!

A great summer craft project, each collection features a variety of designs, from a full kawaii donut bookmark tutorial to beautiful luxury bookmarks, there’s a favorite bookmark for everyone. 

They’re perfect for personal use – You can make your own bookmark as a summer pastime! Just imagine the fun you’ll have on a warm summer afternoon. 

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Kawaii Bookmarks Craft Supplies

Before you start creating your cute bookmarks, gather these supplies:

  • Your free Kawaii Bookmarks PDF download
  • Color printer with color ink
  • White GSM cardstock (or paper)
  • Scissors or paper trimmer
  • Coloring supplies (crayons, pencils, felt pens)

How to Make a Kawaii Bookmark

Simply follow these straightforward step-by-step instructions to craft your own kawaii bookmark:

  1. Download the free Printable Kawaii Bookmark File 
  2. Print on white card stock (or paper)
  3. Color in your bookmarks (if they aren’t already)
  4. Carefully cut around the bookmark
  5. Your kawaii bookmark is ready!

Whether you’re living in the United States, or the United Kingdom, you’ll love these free printable bookmarks. Free shipping – just print yourself!

View them here, just click the image to open media file:

Kawaii Color Print Bookmark

Look at these colorful images. The unicorn has such blue eyes!

Kawaii Bookmark Color Print - A collection of four color kawaii prints
These beautiful color bookmarks are ready to be printed

Kawaii Coloring Page Bookmark

Lot’s of different pictures. Do you notice the birthday cake bookmark?

Kawaii Bookmark Coloring Page - A collection of four kawaii line drawings to be colored
The beauty of this bookmark collection is you can color it yourself!

Ice Cream & Kawaii

Ice cream, especially mochi ice cream and regular milk ice cream, holds a special place in Kawaii culture. In this adorable culture, the love of ice cream is strong. 

Cold ice cream is a delightful treat that offers a refreshing experience. It also represents the cute and charming essence of Kawaii – and is truly the epitome of summer. 

People from all over the world love Kawaii, especially in South Africa, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates. We even know people from French Guiana,  Papua New Guinea, and South Sudan with huge collections!

More Fun Arts and Crafts Activities

From cookie bookmarks with classic chocolate cookies, to animal bookmarks, we have it all! Check out some popular bookmarks here:

And all for out regular price of nothing! Also be sure to check out our latest book, and step-by-step video! Next time we’ll have a full kawaii cookie bookmark tutorial, and an ice cream corner bookmark collection!

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