Here is a free Valentine download for you if you dare (lots of cutting, folding, gluing….)


First download and print out an alligator and inside of mouth


Cut out pieces


Lightly score lines on pillow box and gently fold


Put glue on side flap of pillow box and fold together, leaving the ends open. Allow to dry a few minutes before folding in the ends of the box.


Score about 1/2 inch from the end of the upper mouth piece so it can open and close (see final picture). Fold in ends on box and begin gluing on upper and lower mouth and the tail.Use lots of glue stick! Use a rubber band to secure pieces while they are drying.


Fold edge of each leg and glue to sides of box


Add some googly eyes and fill box with candy


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  1. I loved this! I glued back and kept the mouth open so the candy wouldn’t slip out. it was rather small, but perfect for some m&m’s! You could add a gift card inside or dazzle it up more!!!!

  2. So cute!!! I made a .svg of your file so I could cut on my cricut and would like to share with others (for free of course!). I would very much like to put it up on my blog for others to use as Valentine’s is coming up. I don’t know if you check your comments, but if you do, could you let me know if that is okay? I will link here of course and give you credit. 🙂 Thanks for the super cute file and idea!

  3. Thanks for the very cute valentine! I bookmarked this last year thinking, “when I have more time.” What I should have said was “when I get a Silhouette to take care of the cutting, etc.” I used your pdf file to make a studio file for an easy print/cut project. Thank you! (I’m happy to send you the files if you would like to make them available to others.)

  4. Squeal!!! My son is a graduate of the GATOR NATION! The University of Florida! He’s going to L O V E this! Thank you so much!
    It is so adorable I’m going to squeal for a week!

  5. My daughter and I made a handful of these for our extra-special valentines and they turned out beautifully! Such a great idea, a perfect valentines for the boys on our list. Thank you for sharing!

  6. These valentines turned out really cute. I am linking up at which is all about great gift ideas. Thanks for sharing this!

  7. this is adorable! i’m going to make these “with” with 2.5 year old- i’ll see how long he lasts… i’ll probably do the plain ones and have him decorate with heart stickers, then we will hand them out to his little friends, grandma & grandpa, and auntie!

    thanks so much for all the great ideas!

  8. This guy is adorable. We’ll be making some this year for relatives and friends. Thanks for your generosity in sharing this design!

  9. Hi. I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your blog. I love it so much that I told my friends to check it out. Thanks so much for your great ideas and free printables. I hope you will take a look at mine as well.

  10. These are so great! My school’s mascot is an alligator, so I know what I’ll be making my students for Valentines Day next year! Thanks for the great project!

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