Here is a free Valentine download for you if you dare (lots of cutting, folding, gluing….)


First download and print out an alligator and inside of mouth


Cut out pieces


Lightly score lines on pillow box and gently fold


Put glue on side flap of pillow box and fold together, leaving the ends open. Allow to dry a few minutes before folding in the ends of the box.


Score about 1/2 inch from the end of the upper mouth piece so it can open and close (see final picture). Fold in ends on box and begin gluing on upper and lower mouth and the tail.Use lots of glue stick! Use a rubber band to secure pieces while they are drying.


Fold edge of each leg and glue to sides of box


Add some googly eyes and fill box with candy


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  1. I just made these and they are so cute! My husband went to the craft store with after I dragged him there and he spotted this cute faux-croc skin paper…I had to get it. Check out my blog to see the finished product with the croc skin…they are ridiculous (in a good way!).

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I Love these, going to make some for my son to give away as valentines especially since his school mascott is an alligator. too cool, Thanks for the idea!

  3. I LOOOOOVVVVEEEE your website. I am addicted to all your Valentine card ideas. My daughter loves doing crafts and is going to love making her own Valentine cards to pass out. She will love this I know it. Thank you in advance for helping me create a special moment with my daughter.

  4. I just retired from teaching at Ila Elementary in Ila, Georgia. The school mascot was an Ila Gator. I’ve forwarded this to teachers there as a Valentine idea.

  5. I think this is really neat. My son is 5 years old and his school mascot is the gators. I was thinking that would be something he can do. Thanks for the great idea.

  6. This is so cute! Of course, it is well after Valentine’s and I’m just now seeing it. But my crocodile/alligator-obsessed daughter would love making these any time. I’ll have to download it. Thanks!

  7. AHHHH soo sweet – i made 4 and placed them round the house for my hubbie to find!!!! Each one contained a Green and Black’s mini bar and a red heart with a love IOU on. He loved them!

  8. All my Grandchildren live on the East Coast, so I usually only mail small & flat . But this is so cute!!!

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