Our headband  had a flower that was starting to look a little tired and worn so we made it new again! This braided ribbon could embellish many things— a hair clip would be cute too! These headbands would make great handmade gifts for little girls to make each other!

Woven Ribbon Headband

Gather a headband and about 4 1/2 yards of ribbon. You can use any with — I chose 1/4 inch. The braiding will be two toned if the ribbon is different on the front and back, another nice look!

Begin by finding the middle of the ribbon. In the middle of the ribbon make a loop crossing the left side over the right. (which way you start doesn’t matter — I am left handed)

Now bring the bottom ribbon up and make a loop and send it through the beginning loop that you just made by crossing the ribbon.

Pull the right side snug.

Now repeat for the other side, picking up the right side, making a loop and sending it up through the loop just made on the other side.

Pull the left side snug. Make a loop with the left side sending it through the loop made on the other side.

Pull right side snug.

Continue braiding until you have a piece long enough to cover the headband. Clip the end.Bring the other side over and then trim. Fold ends under and hot glue.

Hot glue ribbon to headband.


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  1. I was wondering if you could email me the instructions on how to make this? Thank you for much for sharing your knowledge and talent.
    Annie Burleson

  2. Am a grandma making for grandkids in AK. New to this, where do I obtain headband? Like your site. Could be adapted to make matching ones for girls. Thanks

  3. I have been making these braided ribbons for years an years.
    If you want a 6 inch braided ribbon you need 8 times the length
    of the braided ribbon to start the braid. That would be 48 inches.
    Hope this helps.
    Doris Anderson from Canada.

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