From now until Christmas I will be sharing past homemade gift ideas for my Friday Flashbacks! I hope you enjoy!

Simple, fun and easy enough for kids to make. Fill a bottle with homemade flavored vinegar or olive oil and cork with your handmade stopper. There are also many recipes for flavored vodkas and fun liquors. You could even put homemade lotion in a fun cork-able bottle. My bottles will be filled with homemade Irish Cream liquor (I’ll share that recipe later).


1 1/2″ wood ball knobs
acrylic paint
acrylic primmer
acrylic polyurethane
bottle corks
gorilla glue or hot glue

Lightly sand wooden ball and then wipe with a damp cloth. Once ball is dry ( a minute) prime the ball with acrylic primer. When the primer is completely dry give your ball a base coat of color and then begin painting your design. I stick a wooden dowel or the end of a paint brush in the hole of the ball so I have something to hold onto while I paint. The wooden dowel can be stuck into a piece of styrofoam so the ball can dry. Once your painted design is finished and dry, give your ball two or more coats of polyurethane. Allow polyurethane to completey dry between each coat.

I have tried many brands of acrylic polyurethane and I am partial to this one.

Glue the ball to a cork. Be careful if you use Gorilla glue, it can be messy but it is strong!

The balls would also make nice draw pulls!

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  1. Wow.

    And this is another reason i stalk, i mean, “follow” your blog.

    Because you make me think that just maybe, i can make these, too!!

  2. I love these! They would make great gifts during the holidays for my wine loving friends. Thank you for sharing!

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