This glow in the dark ghost craft makes for a spooky Halloween decoration while recycling empty bottles! We have been all about decorating for Halloween at our house. Did you see our hanging bat favors made from toilet paper rolls. We have been loving things that glow! These glow in the dark mummies are super simple to make!
Glow in the dark ghost craft

Glow in the dark ghost craft supplies

For each ghost you will need:

  • Empty clear plastic bottle with a cap
  • white crepe paper
  • googly eyes
  • spray adhesive ( a glue stick can be substituted)
  • fishing line for hanging
  • hot glue
  • pony bead
  • glow stick

glowing ghost craft supplies

I tried many different ways to hang these ghosts. I decided that the easiest way is to hot glue a plastic pony bead to the top. This way you can go ahead and cover the bottle with crepe paper.

hanging glowing ghost craft

Spray bottle with spray adhesive. Cover bottle with long lengths of white crepe paper.  Allow crepe paper to come off the bottle about a foot or so. It can always be trimmed later.


Add goggly eyes.

glowing ghost craft add eyes

Take a sharp tool and punch through the center of the pony bead. A wooden skewer works great for this!

glowing ghost craft how to hang

Feed a long piece of fishing line through the bead and tie allowing enough length for hanging.

glowing ghost craft add fishing line

Unscrew the bottle cap and place a long glow stick inside the bottle.  If you can only find short glow sticks and what them to stay toward the top of the bottle place a dab of hot glue on the glow stick and place into the bottle. Set the bottle upright so the glow stick will attach to the bottom of the bottle (the top when hung).

glowing ghost craft add glow stick

Hang your ghost for an extra spooky Halloween decoration!

glowing ghost craft

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