A gardening gift is the perfect teacher appreciation gift for a teacher that loves to garden and spends countless hours helping your child to grow.

If you want to thank teachers and celebrate teachers you have come to the right place. I have everything you need to know about Teacher Appreciation Week.

teacher gardening gift

Teachers Plant the Seeds of Knowledge Teacher Gift Idea

This teacher gardening gift is super easy to put together and will be a heartfelt token of your appreciation. Your child might like to decorate a metal bucket themself to make it extra special.

Teacher gift with pot, garden gloves and seeds

Supplies Needed:

  • Tin Buckets
  • Twine or Ribbon
  • Seed Packet
  • Gardening Glove (and or other items to fill in the bucket)
  • Paper bag or Kraft colored paper to print tag
  • silk flower for embellishment
  • Metal Paint
  • Paint Pens for decoration
  • Chalkboard Label
  • seed packet teacher appreciation free printable

Note: The saying can be typed on your computer and printed on brown paper, handwritten or to make it easy I have updated a printable seed packet to use.

printable seed packets

How to Assemble

1. Grab some twine and tie around the top. Attach flower and leaves with glue gun.

  1. Paint the bucket with paint. Be sure to make sure the paint is for metal so it is durable.
  2. Once the bucket is dry add twine and silk flower for embellishment. This can be attached to the top with hot glue.
  3. Add a chalkboard label to the front of the bucket and add your teacher’s name or a big thank you. Labels can be cut with the Cricut and chalkboard vinyl or purchased from a craft store. The teacher’s name can also be easily added with a paint pen.
teacher saying for gift

4. Next, cut up a paper bag and print the saying “Teachers plant the seeds of knowledge that will grow forever!” onto it in any font you’d like. Yes, you can insert it right into your printer…crinkle and iron to give it that distressed look!

4. Staple seed packets on the back of paper and place everything into the bucket!

gardening teacher gift ready to go

Teachers can use this bucket all year long and label it whatever they’d like with the chalk label! Perfect gift for any teacher!

More Ways to Say Thank You For a Great School Year

Kari is from Ucreate. This budget-friendly teacher idea that your child’s teacher is sure to love is one of her creative ideas.

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  1. Sounds interesting. I’m going to give my teacher an appreciation, but I’m having trouble with what would it look like.

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  3. The resources on this website is extremely invaluable. I have learned lots of suggestions.

  4. We were inspired by this post and created our own version of it. It will be live on my blog tomorrow 5/11/13.

  5. I love the project and the font for the seed packet. Can you make it a free printable perhaps?

  6. I love your pot with seeds idea! I made something
    similair for my daughters teacher! Thank you
    for the awesome idea.

  7. Very cute! I love that you can write whatever you want on the pot. Such a great idea for a gift for teachers.

  8. This is lovely. I like the pots from Ikea. The only problem I ran into with one was that it rusted inside through the years. I didn’t realize that until I finally gave up on the plant I was trying to keep alive in it. When I was cleaning it out I realized the rusting pot had, unfortunately, done the plant in. But they are probably OK for one season plants or to use as a pretty outer layer for plants.

  9. Where did you find the chalkboard label? Im not a very crafty person but would like to do something like this for my daughters teachers.

  10. Super cute idea! Where did you find the chalkboard vinyl? I can’t find it anywhere around here!

  11. this was truly helpful. I am coordinating a teacher breakfast next week and we are setting our “treasure boxes” for the parents and teachers to put gifts into. This was helpful!

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