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Here are ten easy ways to organize your pantry. It doesn’t take long for my pantry to get out of hand (it’s a small space)! Rather than dream of large spaces try these storage solutions to save space and make everything easy to find! Big or small; it will function better!

organize your pantry

Easy ways to organize your pantry

This lazy susan is something I use in cupboards and my fridge to make everything easy to reach and see!

lazy susan

Cans take up a lot of them room in my pantry! Consider a rotating can organizer. Cans don’t get lost in the back and they don’t waste space. You might even consider a larger can organizer to keep in your garage and refill the one in your pantry as needed. It will save a lot of space!

can organizer

This over the door hanging rack takes a completely unused space and makes it useful! Easy to install and easy to see everything right in front of you.

pantry organizer

These stackable containers make it easy to see what you have and are easy to stack and keep everything organized. Throw out all those half empty boxes!


A place for everything! If every time you open your cupboard you are battling things falling out, try this handy way to stack and organize your plastic wrap, bags and foil!

pantry storage


Those packets that you use for all your recipes (lipton onion mix) are easy to find and have a handy place with these little storage baskets!

These large baskets with handy handles make it easier to find and especially grab things! Take smaller items and group them together to make things easy to find and organized.

You can get more space with these 3 tier racks! Simple way to triple your space in no time.


Make a drawer! Any cabinet can have a pull out drawer with this handy product!

This Spice Organizer has a place for everything! Easily pull out items as you need them. Everything has a place.

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