My parents celebrated their 60th anniversary last year {yeah!}. My brothers and I hosted a party for them. I wanted to decorate with photographs so I made super simple table decorations with some of their photographs.

I took their photographs to a local copy shop and had them copied onto velum. I used a tape roller (from Michael’s) and a glass votive candle to complete these photo votives.

Trim the velum so you have two pieces the same size with a photo on each piece. Use a tape roller to place a line of tape on each side on one piece of the vellum.

Stick the two pieces together and place the votive inside.

We sat them on the tables and amongst the food for a flashback of when they got married!

Congratulations mom and dad!

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  1. I like the idea, but I would make photo copies and use instead of the original photos. The battery operated candles is a great idea. This would be great for graduations, weddings, etc. Thanks

  2. A couple of things:
    I would never leave these photo votives burning alone in a room
    Ours were burning over three hours and the paper didn’t show signs of getting too hot.
    My candles were in glass and the flame was not at the top of the glass.
    I would never use tea lights for this project
    I hope these tips help, I think it is good to be cautious and concerned about the safety of these!

  3. Great idea ! Tx

    I guess u could place the candles in little glass holders if u worry about fire…

  4. These are a great (and frugal) way of using tho photos- it would be fab for a wedding, too.


  5. That looks amazing AND easily executable, thanks! I might try it with battery-operated votives to reduce the flammability issue.

  6. This is just lovely and super elegant! I cannot wait to make several of these with my old family photos! I also pinned this to my board! Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. What a cute idea! It’s great that your parents have celebrated 60 plus years of marriage. My parents were married 52 years when my Dad passed away. Looking for ideas for a center pieces for my Mom’s 75th birthday, this is a great one!

  8. What an awesome idea!!! Thanks so much for sharing and Congratulations to your parents!!!! Incredible. 🙂

  9. Oh how very clever….really like this idea and will use it at some point in the future. Very creative thinking – simple and probably not too costly.

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