Learn how to make a bow and arrow with pvc pipe and easy to find supplies.  This bow and arrow is super simple to make and makes a great party favor if you are hosting a party! The best thing is the kids love them and it can ecourage hours of creative play.

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girl shooting PVC Bow And Arrow

How to Make a Bow and Arrow out of Pvc

When my boys were little we did several parties centered around this PVC bow and arrow. Now we have a little girl who just saw the movie Brave, so these wildly fun bow and arrows have made another appearance. This DIY bow and arrow made out of PVC is really cool.  It is an easy way to learn how to make a bow and arrow for kids.

PVC Bow Supplies

You will need the following supplies:

  • 40″ of  1/2″ PVC pipe (these come in 10′ sticks of schedule 40 thickness)
  • 16″ X 3/8″ dowel rods (purchase a 48″ piece that makes three arrows)
  • 6″ of foam pipe cover (use a 3/4″ diameter piece that is sold in 6′ lengths)
  • thick nylon string (I used very heavy duty nylon string)
  • a lighter to seal the ends of this string
  • scissors
  • a hacksaw or fine tooth jig saw
  • duct tape
  • zip ties
  • foam cut into triangles (I used 2″ thick foam home insulation cut into approximately 3″x 3″ triangles)

One 10′ pipe will make three bows. Cut pipe into 3 equal 40″ pieces

How to make a bow and arrows supplies laid out

How to Make a Bow and Arrow In Easy Steps

Tie a large knot into the end of the nylon string. It needs to be big enough to not slip through the notch in the PVC. Use a lighter or match to burn the end to keep it from fraying.

pvc recurve bow

Cut a one-inch long notch into one side of the PVC pipe on each end. Next place the knot into the notch. Pull tight and make sure the knot is big enough to not slip through. A bead can also be tied to the end to keep it from slipping.

how to make pvc bow

Pull the string tight along the cut PV pipe and cut sting and tie a knot about 4 1/2 inches from the other end of the pipe. Bend the pipe and slip the knot into the other end.

diy pvc bow and arrow

Wrap a piece of duct tape (or electrical tape) around each end of the pipe to keep the string from popping out.

make your own bow and arrow

Place the pipe insulation foam around the middle of the PVC pipe. Bring edges together and secure on each side with a zip tie. Trim the ends of the zip tie close to the handle.

PVC Bow and Arrow

Stick the dowel into the foam and remove. Now coat the end of the stick with hot glue and place back into the foam. A slit can be cut into the end of the dowel to make it easier for the child to place on the string of the bow.  Such a simple PVC bow. You could easily make this good bow look even more realistic with a little spray paint.

How to make arrows

Bow and Arrow for Kids

It takes some practice and patience but these girls mastered it. The PVC bow kept our Brave girls busy until sunset!

DIY Bow and Arrow [PVC]
How to make a bow and arrow for kids!

I hope you love this kids pvc pipe bow and arrows and that it will bring you loads of fun! This DIY movie screen is pretty amazing and here’s are a couple of other ideas to keep the family creating and having fun.

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  1. To remove any ink marks or pvc glue from the pipe; use acetone [nail polish remover] or denatured alcohol product, then rub it gently to remove unwanted material. Now wipe dry, and let air dry a few minutes.

  2. Hi Bob, thanks for the tips! Our string was a heavy duty nylon and had no problem with breakage.

  3. My grand daughter and I made 14 of these this weekend for her 9th birthday party. I also had trouble with the string breaking. I had used the Tarred line (not waxed) and it broke, so I tried non tarred trot line that was a larger size. It worked better, but still had a little problem breaking, so I found a larger diameter tarred line (also from Walmart) and made a spare bow string for each bow. Hopefully that will last longer. My son in Law and I may be busy re stringing the bows during the party.
    The string was pretty rough on our fingers, so I wrapped the 2″ section of the string where the arrow hooks onto the string with duct tape. That made the string less abrasive.
    After assembly we shot a few arrows and noticed that the foam tip made the arrow flip around and fly backwards down range. I didn’t want to go to the trouble of gluing feather fletching, so I made fletching by cutting 8- 2″ strips of bow string and taped it to the rear section of the arrow using duct tape. This made the arrow fly straighter.
    This was a good grandfather/ grand daughter project on a cold rainy saturday afternoon.

  4. For the string, try waxed thread used by trotline fishermen. It can be purchased from Walmart in the fishing dept.

  5. To protect our hands when shooting, I bought packs of Hanes tube socks and cut off about 1/2 ” from the toe. The kids slipped the now-truly-a-tube tube socks over their hands and forearms and no one sustained injury. Hope that helps!

  6. I am having the same trouble with the string either splitting or breaking. I even tried wire that is used to hang pictures but eventually broke. I have 7 made but cannot conquer the string problem. the one i bought for a pattern had a brown rope like in a 5 ply but not stretchy at all. couldn’t find anything like that. Any ideas what that would be?

  7. Can anyone suggest a nylon string which you used? I used 2 types, and both split after little use.

  8. Did anyone have trouble with the pipe splitting when you bent it to slip the string in on the second end? Any ideas on how to prevent this problem, or what is causing it?

  9. We are so excited to make these. We went camping this weekend and our friends kids had made these. My boys want to make them so Ihave been searching on line for instructions. To personalize them they covered the pvc pipe with fun duct tape. This might help cover the writing on the pvc. If not try liquid sand I have used that remove ink stuff before.

  10. The CPVC pipes are used for a number of reasons. The pipes are used for commercial purposes.

  11. They turned out great-thank you!
    We also used pencil eraser tops for the arrow tips instead of the foam, and then cut more length to the string so there was more slack. Those of you getting a sore thumb/hand will find that there is less soreness with a more slack rope. There is a difference in efficiency, but the arrow will still shoot and that’s what we needed for our group of 4-5 year olds.
    Thanks for the fun project and thorough instructions!!

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