Michaels challenged me to renew, refresh and restyle!


It was simple! A trip to my garage and I found this metal plant stand I have been meaning to do something with for years.

It was in pretty bad shape, but full of possibilites!

Michaels had everything I needed to refresh this plant stand.  I love what a fresh coat of spray paint can do for something! First I sanded the entire stand and then gave it a coat of spray primer.  I also primed 3 terra-cotta pots, also from Michaels.

I then gave the metal stand and pots a coat of citrus green paint. I  added a paper border and chalkboard label. Give the pots a coat of clear spray sealer or mod podge to protect the paper border, then apply the chalk board sticker.



What is in your garage that you could make new again?

Michaels gave me a gift card to buy any supplies I needed for this project.

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  1. Fabulous re-new re-fresh project that you make look so easy! Mahalo for sharing a perfect springtime inspiration.

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