A simple diy birdhouse is a perfect project to get ready for spring. Here is a simple plan to make your very own birdhouse that will give your feathered friends a warm welcome to your yard. This is a great project for kids with adult help.

Your new friends will also need a snack to keep them happy and I’ve got some simple bird feeder ideas that will do the trick!

So gather a few supplies at Lowe’s and get building this sweet little nest box.

Supplies for DIY Wooden Birdhouse

1 – 3/8 inch dowel rod 8 inches long
1 – 4” diameter perforated PVC pipe cut 5 inches long
2 – #212 eye hooks
1 – 1 X 6 piece of pine cut into 2- 5 1/2 inch X 5 1/2 inch squares
(you may use types of other wood i.e. cedar)
12 inches wire or small chain for hanging
1 – 3/16“ Fir plywood cut into 1- 6” X 8 inch and 1 – 5 13/16” X 8 inch rectangles
Small nails or brads 1” long for assembly

How to build a wooden birdhouse

Measure and cut boards.

You will have a 5″ length of 4″ PVC, 1 – 8″ long 3/8″ dowel, 6 X 8″ roof piece, 5 13/16″ X 8 roof piece, 2- 5 1/2″ pine squares.

Drill 3/8 inch holes in the following pattern on the 5 1/2 inch squares. Use 1 1/4 inch spade bit for the larger hole.

Sand the edges of the pieces.

Now we are ready to hammer!  Nail 5 1/2 inch squares flush with the edge of the roof piece (5 13/16” X 8”). Pre-drilling the nail holes will make it easier for children to hammer in the nails.

 Overlap the other roof piece (6” X 8 “) and nail it to top sides of the 5 1/2 inch square.

Place PVC pipe under roof and hold in place by pushing dowel rod through bottom holes. The dowel fits tightly. It can be sanded slightly if needed.

Birds like to have clean homes! The neat part about this birdhouse is that the PVC pipe is perforated to provide airflow and can easily be removed for cleaning.

Screw eye hooks into the roof on each side.  Then attach the chain to the eye hooks.

Finished!  We are still deciding if we are going to give ours a paint job, but it is ready to hang from a tree.

This DIY Birdhouse makes a wonderful handmade gift that is sure to be adored by the recipient and appreciated by birds! Don’t miss these other ideas for Build-It-Yourself Birdhouses from Lowes.

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Disclosure:  Lowe’s provided me with a gift card for supplies to build this birdhouse.

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  2. Great bird house. I can lern and useful to make my own one.Nice woodworking.Tanks for interesting tips

  3. Thanks for sharing great tips. Our family really loves feeding bird, will make one for our doves soon.

  4. Great bird houses! I can learn something useful to make my own one. Thanks for interesting tips

  5. This is nice. I have about 40 birdhouse plans, including cages and feeders etc. I build different outdoor products for sale11 and like and like getting new ideas. It would be nice for printer friendly plans that are complete to make. I also use my own ideas, but am willing to learn from others.

  6. Wow-wee Wow-wee! Well eat my shorts! My kids made this birdhouse, and their only in their 30s!

  7. Some useful tips in here, everything you need to put together a great bird house. Thanks for sharing.

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  9. Passing this along to my son who is soon to be a new science teacher—what a great project to do with kids!

  10. So cute – oh, yes, and the birdhouse too! Now, the little builder has done a fabulous job and she is the cutest model ever! Great idea for kids and the birds will love their new home. If she paints it, please post pix for us! 😉

  11. Really cute bird house… I’ll have to try this…thanks =)


  12. Great idea! Our kids just made one too- well, the Dollar Tree made it, they painted it! CUTE!

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