Sorry for all the giveaways this week! Next Monday we are back to crafting!

I couldn’t help but mention an awesome giveaway going on for the Cricut Cake!

I am dying to get my hand on one of these machines! The possibilities for beautiful cakes would be endless!

Please skip on over to Today’s Creative Blog for a chance to win one! WOW!


Don’t forget to enter to win a Nintendo Dsi, the contest ends soon!

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  1. I have been making cakes since I was 13. I would so love to be able to find a new creative outlet and expand the possibilities!

  2. I would love to have one of these neat Cricut Cake Machines, it would make Birthdays so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. There not as great as they claim! We are STILL trying to get ours to cut as nice as their samples. Practice , practice. The refills for the frosting are expensive 15.00 for 3! The other issue, I hate fondant!

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