Crayon shavings melted between wax paper and then cut into hearts make a stunning display in windows.  I can’t think of anything more cheerful or happy hanging from a window.

crayon shaving hearts hanging hearts in window

Crayon Shaving Art

Crayon shaving art is an oldie but goodie craft that we love. Use crayon shavings melted between wax paper to make beautiful suncatchers.  Here are ours made with lots of kid help! It is the perfect way to use up old broken crayons.

How to Make Wax Paper Crayon Hearts

Using a handheld pencil sharpener, shave down unwrapped crayons to create crayon shavings in the colors of your choice. We made a lot of shavings since the boys found it so satisfying.

child shaving crayons

Place shavings on a piece of wax paper.

crayon shavings laying on wax paper

Either place another piece of wax paper on top or fold over the edge to cover all of the shavings.

Iron on the lowest setting for about 1 second. You can go always go longer after checking to see if the shavings have melted. Be careful to not burn the wax paper. Protect your ironing board by using parchment paper or newspaper to iron on. Some crayon wax could leak out of the sides and it does leave a residue underneath the wax paper. If you are worried about your iron, just place your wax paper between two sheets of newspaper or scrap paper.
ironing crayon shavings melted crayon between wax paper

Stained Glass Heart Patterns

I think it is easiest for kids to trace around cardboard so I took cereal boxes and cut out heart shapes to be used for patterns. This is where you get a variety so let the kids draw the hearts. If you don’t want to draw your own hearts here are some paper heart templates.

heart template

Draw around the pattern and cut out the heart with scissors.


Place a hole punch at the top and tie on ribbon, thread or fishing line. Hang! The melted crayon makes such a pretty “stained glass” heart.

crayon shaving heart

Martha has directions and a gorgeous display at her place.


A festive and fun craft idea for Valentines Day.

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  1. Mairym, The wax on the waxed paper adheres the hearts together. I don’t believe parchment paper would do this. Also, the wax paper is a bit more transparent than parchment paper allowing the crayon to show. It wouldn’t hurt to experiment with a little piece of parchment paper. Let us know if it works!

  2. I highly recommend at the end covering with hearts with contact paper!! Ours have shed the crayon shavings considerably (much to my annoyance!)

  3. I remember making various decorations as a child. It is wonderful to see that folks are still doing this art.

  4. So cute! My little man will like making these! He’s funny hearts are his favorite.

  5. I not only love the idea, but how versatile it is for almost any special occasion! Thanks for such a great post.

  6. This was fun!! But if you have kids under 6 I would have all the crayons shaved and ready to use so they can just pick the colors. My two daughters lost interest in shaving the crayons and I ended up taking over for them. 🙂

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