While the Coronavirus is no laughing matter if you are like me it helps to have a few things that lighten the mood! These Coronavirus coloring pages are a way to record what is going on around us… and maybe give a laugh!

Often these types of coloring pages are called graphic organizers.  One of the most popular posts here at Skip to my Lou is the end of year coloring page. No matter what you call them they are a great way to keep memories.

Coronavirus Printable Journal Pages

moms corona virus diary printable
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Don’t drink, no worries! This diary is also for a few of us that may have spent a few days in our pajamas.

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It is also great to hear the kid’s perspective on what is happening around them. I am sure this pandemic will be one of their biggest memories. This journal page is a great way for them to record all the details!

kids coronavirus coloring page printable
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supplies for coronavirus coloring pages

I hope you like these coloring sheets and they are able to bring a smile to your face! Coloring pages for kids and adults can be a great way to keep busy and engaged.  Coloring also has the added benefit of relieving stress. We especially like these mandala coloring pages.

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  1. These are great! Laughter is a great coping mechanism. This is also a great thing to do all together with your family and then keep them for posterity.

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