I made these cute wooden chocolate Easter bunnies for my porch from a simple template. This easy craft project would also be a fun Easter decoration for an egg hunt or Easter party! To get started, just print the free Easter bunny drawing template, and follow along with the step-by-step instructions below to make your own!

DIY Easter Decoration

This is an easy DIY project that will be a festive addition to your home. The printable rabbit template makes it super easy. Just cut the wood and paint. You can make the bunny rabbits any size you like!

Wooden Chocolate Bunny Supplies

How to Make a Wooden Bunny Outdoor Easter Decoration

Enlarge the template to the size bunny you want. Our bunnies were each 30 inches tall.

After tracing the template onto a piece of 3/4 inch thick MDF board, my husband cut the bunny out using his jigsaw. He sanded the edges smooth and attached it to a diamond shape base by pre-drilling holes (to keep it from splitting) and then countersinking the screws. Then we gave the bunny a nice chocolate brown coat of spray paint.


Tips For Making A Chocolate Easter Bunny From Wood

  • Enlarging a pattern is very easy to do if you have a projector. You can also get enlarged printouts for a reasonable price at some office supply stores.
  • MDF (medium-density fiberboard) is great for this project because it cuts so cleanly, but you can use other kinds of wood.
  • Your bunny will hold up better if you place in a spot where it won’t get a lot of rain or other weather exposure.

More DIY Easter Projects

Looking for more festive Easter decoration ideas for your home, porch, or lawn? We have so many cute ideas!


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  1. Thanks for the template. The hubs and I cut them out. We have a fun project planned for the grand kids tomorrow. We are going to mate a bunny with a base by color. First the kids will have a game of “Memory” with the pieces. When everyone has a pair they will get to use (with our help) a cordless screw driver to re-attach the bunny to the base. (They love hanging out in the garage with Boppa and getting to know each tool by name and how to properly use them. THEN they will all get to paint and decorate their own bunny! Thanks again!!

  2. Adorable, thanking you for sharing the template! I can’t help but keep thinking how yummy it looks and how much I want some chocolate now!!!!!

  3. This is such a cute figure – thank you for sharing your design. I also added your site to my Faves Bar and added a link to your post on my blog so everyone can enjoy your idea too! Appreciate it a lot!

  4. Oh how cute!! I think I would paint them white. The brown would kind of blend into all my decor really. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. This is a great post ! it was very informative. I look forward in reading more of your work. Also, I made sure to bookmark your website so I can come back later. I enjoyed every moment of reading it.

  6. What a fantastic idea!!! And no dusty chocolate to worry about after Easter – no one wants to eat dusty chocolate, but no one wants to throw away chocolate either!!! I have pinned you!

  7. Really neat decoration for indoors or out. I can think of several places I could use one for a conversation piece.

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