We love this book,Jotham’s Journey: A Storybook for Advent!

We have been reading it every Advent for years. It a page turner that each of us looks forward to.  It is one of the first daily Advent stories that we have found that is so captivating that the kids remind us we need to read a chapter each day.

We were looking forward to reading the other books in the series however, they have been out of print for the past few years. Good news though, they should all be back in print this summer.

If you have little ones around you will love Jesus Is Coming: 25 Daily Activities to Read, Color, Cut Out, and Assemble by Linda Marsh.

In this activity book the story of the Nativity is told through the eyes of a cow.  There are a couple of lines to read each day but the best part is the whole story is told through paper “dolls.” Each day there is a figure to cut out, color and assemble and place in the stable. I photo copy the pages onto card-stock so we can do it again each year. I have to have a copy shop copy the stable because it is too large for my printer.

We also enjoy, The Last Straw

It comes with an easy to assemble manger but we helped our boys make a little manger out of wood that we reuse each year. The book encourages you to place a piece of straw in the manger every time you do something kind for someone in secret.  “Soon the manger, and your hearts, will be overflowing and ready for Christmas.”

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  1. Thanks for the great book ideas! We also like This is the Stable and Who Was Born This Special Day? They are good books for the younger folks – just their pace and an introduction to the Majesty of the season.

  2. I LOVE those ideas! We have lots of Christmas books about Jesus’ birth, but I’ve been wanting to do something each day of Advent instead of just reading stories. I love the hay idea…we did something like it at Easter and because of the wonderful thing Jesus did in dying on the cross for us, we tried to do something good/helpful for each other. Each time we did, we added a marble to a jar. On Easter Sunday, the kids woke up to the marbles being replaced by jelly beans.

    Thanks for the ideas! Keep them coming!

  3. Thanks for the book ideas. We have a three year old that we are wanting to start traditions with each year. These books will be great starting pints for us!

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