Today is National S’mores Day. Celebrate this yummy holiday with these simple s’mores.

While living in overseas we fell in love with these cookies.


These chocolate coated cookies make the perfect s’more!


If you can’t find those cookies, we have also found fudge stripe cookies are




Check out these other ideas for S’mores.

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  1. can I hav it cuz I only tried it once when my teacher brught it to school so plzzzzz!!!!!

  2. How did I not know there was a national Smores day? Tragedy!

    Those pictures look so so yummy!

    so yummy……..


    That’s it….I can’t hold back. I’m going to the grocery store! (or more accurately, trying to talk my husband into going for me!)

  3. No way, can’t believe it was national s’mores day and I missed it! Putting it in the diary for next year of course. Those look so good, also loving the suggestion by Amanda Pedro using nutella and mini marshmalloes – yummy!

  4. imagine, we just made our own version today to celebrate my daughter’s 3rd bday. Honey graham wafers, NUTELLA!!!!! and mini marshmallows. not bad for what was in the cupboard.
    Love your blog.

  5. I have found the Petit Ecolier cookies at Wal-Mart. Aren’t they the cutest things?!


  6. we made your spooky cookies by the bucketload last week – in the shape of bones for my boys’ scooby party. they went down a treat and allowed me to do the dough prep in advance and freeze it. thanks so much.

  7. Hooray hooray! We love smores. Yesterday we made the Martha Stewart Smores cookies (seen in her June? July? Aug? mag). They were so pretty and so delicious we HAD to share with neighbors. I felt like a true domestic diva.

  8. Thanks for this post… we LOVE s’mores at our house! Sometimes, in desperation for the gooey, chocolatey goodness… I’ve been known to make them in the microwave. *gasp!* Please don’t tell anyone…
    I’m going to look for those cookies you mention, they look so good!

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