…..still thinking about candy corn.  These candy corn cones would make a festive favor — especially cute sitting in the center of a dinner plate.


Candy Corn Favor Cones Download

Download and print on white card stock. Cut out and place double stick tape on the front side edge. Notice that tape starts all the way on the yellow part and tapers off the paper at the white tip.


Roll up into a cone. Okay, it takes a minute to get the hang of it and you have to be forceful to get it to come together.  You will need to trim the tape off at the point. Once you have it rolled into a cone and secured, place tape along the inside edge. Glue could be used or hot glue  if you work quickly


Take a strip of tissue paper  about 7″ wide and 20″ long and attach it to the tape. “Ruffle” tissue paper as you attach it to the tape.  Overlap ends and secure with just a bit more tape.


Fill with treats and tie off with a bow!

You might also be interested in this free candy corn garland download.

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  1. I love the candy corn treat cones!! Im not very good with a computer and im trying to figure out how to get the pattern so i can make these for my daughters class! Can i just buy the paper at the craft
    store without having to download anything? Dont have a printer i just love the bags!! Pls help if u have any ideas?? Thank u:(

  2. I am featuring lots of fun ideas with candy corn on my blog and would love to have your permission to post the link to your site and the adorable candy corn printables. Thanks so much and I love your site!!!! Kim

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