I have updated the butterfly printable Valentine.  If you don’t want to decorate the first version of the printable butterfly, this one is decorated for you.  I love printable Valentines! It is fun to give something unique! Her are over 100 printable Valentines and loads of cute sayings for Valentines Day for inspiration.

Butterfly Printable Valentines

Butterfly Printable Valentine

There are two versions. One  is blank and one says, “You make my heart all fluttery.” Download your favorite one. Print in color on white cardstock. Cut out butterflies.

Butterfly Printable Valentine

Butterfly Printable Valentine “You make my heart all fluttery.”

Fold butterfly in half and make slits for the sucker to slide into it.

how to make butterfly  printable valentine

Slip in a tootsie pop sucker. Glue wiggly eyes to the top front of the sucker.

butterly valentine

These make great classroom Valentines!

you make my heart flutter butterfly valentine


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  1. I love the idea. I have gotten a lot of beautiful craft idea from your website. Thank you. I will be making these for my daughter class.

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