This Buffalo Plaid Sweater Pillow makes a cute holiday decoration or handmade gift idea.  It is always special to gift something you have taken time to make and personalize.  This hedge hodge ornament also makes a cute handmade gift. Don’t miss the other great handmade gift ideas being shared all month long.

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Hi, friends! I’m Jess from If Only They Would Nap, where I blog about sewing for myself and my five (yes, five!) boys, food, and crafts. Today I have a fun and whimsical idea for a holiday pillow. This buffalo plaid sweater pillow is cozy, easy to make, and would be a great gift or addition to you own holiday decor. Christmas decorations are so fun to make, like this vintage-style Christmas light garland, and this one has a touch of whimsy that is sure to add to your festivities!diy-buffalo-plaid-sweater-pillow

Buffalo Plaid Sweater Pillow


  • old sweater
  • polyfill or pillow form
  • pom pom trim
  • buffalo plaid fabric scraps
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • thread

1. Grab an old sweater in the color of your choice.


2. Cut the sweater to your desired size – cut apart the seams so you have two separate pieces.


3. Cut out your letters from your buffalo plaid fabric. The fabric I had on hand was a french terry (which is stretchy), but you can easily do this with a woven non-stretchy fabric. Pin the letters in place onto the front piece.


4. Zig-zag stitch around the letters to appliqué them onto the front of the pillow.


5. Sandwich your pom pom trim in between the front and the back, with the right sides together. The pom moms should be pointed toward the middle of the pillow. You can pin or clip the two pillow pieces together, but I found it easier to just tuck the trim in as I was sewing.


6. If you are using a pillow form, you will want to sew only three sides of your pillow and then insert your pillow form. If you are using polyfill like I used, then you’ll want to leave a small opening at the bottom of your pillow, with your pom pom trim unattached as shown.


7. Turn the pillow right side out, stuff the pillow, and then close up your opening (or your entire side of the pillow if you are using a pillow form). Use a small zig-zag stitch to close up your opening, as this will hold your trim in place a little better than a straight stitch.


The trim and the buffalo plaid are so fun, they are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face this holiday season!


I’m loving the red and teal combo – it’s a little out of the box for typical Christmas decor, but breaking from tradition is good sometimes! 🙂


If the pom pom trim is a little too crazy for you, try some piping instead! The process is the same and still gives a fun touch to your sweater pillow.


Buffalo plaid is everywhere right now, and I can’t get enough of it! This cozy sweater pillow is the perfect way to add some to your holiday decor!

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Jess is a homeschooling mama to five awesome boys who sews to keep her sanity. 🙂 She loves to sew quick projects that can be finished while her kids are sleeping. When she’s not sewing, you’ll find her drinking lots of coffee to stay awake, scavenging for deals at the thrift store, chasing her boys around outside, cooking from scratch whenever possible, or curled up with a good book. You can follow along with her adventures in motherhood and sewing on Instagram or Facebook and see more tutorials, recipes, and free patterns on her blog If Only They Would Nap (because that would be nice, wouldn’t it? 😉


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