My free printable first day of school signs are a quick way to date your back to school photo this year. They have that popular school chalkboard sign look, but you didn’t have to write them out!  Grade signs make the perfect photo prop, and it’s a handy way to mark the year in the photo album. I love looking back through these photos and seeing the changes from year to year.

I can’t believe summer break is already over and school is starting!  If you’re looking for cuter back to school ideas, don’t miss this first day of school teacher gifts.  It is a thoughtful way to welcome teachers back to school and celebrate the occasion.

Back to School Signs For All Grades

All the grades are included in the printable signs downloads below.  You can choose to print only the pages you need! The back to school photo is a big deal at our house! Is it part of your family tradition? Each year we use these first day of school signs, with chalkboard lettering showcasing a brand new grade, to capture that special 1st day each year.

2023 – 2024 Back to School Signs for the First Day of School

2023-2024 Printable Back To School Signs

Each year I update the back to school signs.

Download —-> 2023-2024 First Day of School Signs

Download —-> 2022-2023 First Day of School Signs

child holding sign for first day of school

Download —-> 2021-2022 First Day of School Signs

Download —> First Day of Virtual Learning Sign

virtual learning back to school sign girl holding

Download —-> 2020-2021 First Day of School Signs

girl holding sophomore back to school sign

Download —-> 2020-2021 School Signs


Simply download and print these back-to-school signs out on heavy cardstock. For best quality copies, I recommend downloading the file and attaching them in an email to your local copy shop like Office Max or Kinkos, and just tell them which pages you need to be printed. You can also upload the file right on the Office Depot website and have them printed and then pick them up

If the file is too big to email, you may need to send the individual pages. To do that, simply download and choose page; next, select print, and in the print options, select print to PDF. It will give you the prompt to save as PDF, rather than printing on your own printer. After you save the file, email the PDF to the copy shop. Finally, cut off the white border (if you like), and you are ready for the first day of school photos!

Our back to school signs through the years!

Wow, Bella really changed quickly over the years! This printable first day of school picture signs help us remember all the growth we have seen – it goes by so fast.


girl holding back to school chalkboard sign 2019

2018 -2019

First Day of School Sign

We started this school year with a bunch of firsts. It was the first day of middle school, and she got her braces!


2017 back to school signs


first day of school signs for the back to school photo


back to school photo signs


back to school photo signs 2014-2015


back to school photo prop
free printable back to school photo prop
back to school photos

I really wanted a picture of the two of these kids together. Let me tell you that Bradley is an ornery one! It wasn’t until later that he confessed that they held the signs upside down! I hadn’t even noticed when I was taking the picture!

More ways to celebrate the first day of school

Are you looking for more ways to make going back to school special? We have so many first day of school printable activities, gifts, and coloring pages to help celebrate the new school year! Whether you’re marking the first day of kindergarten or the start of twelfth grade (the beginning of the end!), there’s sure to be something for everyone.

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  1. I’ve just printed one of these for my niece and we took photos. Such a great way to create memories. Thanks for all the varieties and tips.

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing this ideas! So amazing and really easy to make! Will surely use this again, well done!

  3. So cute! Thanks so much for these! I aways wanted a cute sign to mark the first day of school.

  4. Oh my goodness! How cute are these? Love this. Wish I’d started this years ago with my first kiddo! Well. I’ll have to from now on!

  5. Hello Krista, at the beginning of the post is the 2020-2021 signs and also another option for virtual learning. Let me know if you have trouble downloading them.

  6. I tried to download your 2020-2021 school signs, however, the link takes me to the virtual school sign only. I would love to be able to download the signs again for this new school year.

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