Cool off with a DIY neck cooler!

It has been over 100 degrees the last few days around here (Kansas). My son’s girlfriend, Krystal,  wanted to make fabric gel filled neck coolers to keep her and her fellow color guard nice and cool during band camp this week.  We didn’t have to look far for inspiration and a tutorial — Little Birdie Secrets has it all figured out.

So Krystal is here sharing the fabric neck cooler she made with the help from a friend’s mom. She took pictures and put together a mini tutorial for us! Thanks, Krystal!

Fabric Neck Cooler Supplies

1 piece of cotton fabric 36″ X 4″

sewing machine, thread, scissors and 1 tsp. of  polymer  water absorbing crystals (found at Michael’s Arts & Crafts). Water absorbing crystals can also be found in the lawn and garden center of a home improvement store.

How To Make a Fabric Neck Cooler

Fold the  36″ X 4″ piece of fabric right sides together lengthwise.

Sew along long side leaving both ends open.

Turn tube right side out. Fold in half, mark the middle and then stitch across.

Place 1/4 teaspoon of polymer crystals in one side, then measure over 4″ and make another stitching line to keep the crystals secure.

Again add 1/4 teaspoon polymer crystals, measure over 4 inches and stitch. Reapeat on the other side. You will have four pockets.

Tuck in the ends on each side and stitch across.  Finished!

To use, place the fabric neck cooler  into a bowl of luke-warm water to soak for 10 minutes (warm water will absorb faster than cold). Remove it from the water and  move the crystals around so they are evenly spaced in each pocket. Place it back into the bowl to soak for another 10-15 minutes, no longer. Squeeze out some of the extra water and store it in the refrigerator until ready to wear. It can also be cooled in a bowl of ice water just before wearing.

Krystal — she’s cool!

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  1. A simple trick for turning the tube right side out is to pin a medium to large safety pin on the inside of the tube (on the right side of the fabric), then pull the safety pin
    through the tube.

  2. Hi! I think she means the 1 tsp is the full amt you’ll need to make this, because you’re making 4 pockets….use 1/4 for ea, equals the 1 tsp ✌

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