Here are 15 Best Apps for Kids. Apps can be wildly entertaining for kids! Keep them busy in the car, quiet at the doctor! Here is a great round up of some educational and entertaining apps your kids will love!  What are your current favorites? Leave them in the comments.  Here are some road trip tips you might find helpful as well.

Scribble Press
Scribble Press is a free app that lets you create your own books!

app for kids

Barefoot World Atlas
Download Barefoot World Atlas to take a virtual world tour with your child. Spin the globe to learn geographical facts about climate, landmarks and famous buildings in each country you visit.

barefoot world atlas

Make me Smile
Even monsters feel a little blue sometimes. In the Make Me Smile app, your toddler’s job is to cheer them up.

make me smile app

Angry Birds
This game is simply a classic, and it’s delightful for all ages. Check out all the different versions.
angry birds

Temple Run
“In pretty much every treasure hunting adventure movie there’s one specific scene in which the plucky hero finally gets his hands on the treasure but then has to navigate a maze of booby traps in order to get out alive. Temple Run is this scene and nothing else. And it’s amazing.”

Hair Salon
Cut, colour, comb, shave and blow-dry lifelike hair on six different cute characters. Using your fingers, you can make just about any hair style you want!

toca hair salon!

Cut The Rope
A monster named Om Nom solves puzzles, using special tools like pulleys and catapults, to win candy!

cut the rope

Fish with Attitude
Whether they’re Nice or Mean, Flirty or Nerdy, pair up different fish to get even more unique personalities for your tank! You might find yourself getting addicted to this game as you feed your fish, watch them grow, decorate your tanks, and invite your friends to visit!



Super Why
Help your child achieve the Power to Read with this collection of four SUPER WHY interactive literacy games.

super why


Smack Talk
All kids love animals but this app excels at the silly. It takes anything your child says and changes it to the squeaky silly animal of their choice.
smack talk


Helicopter Taxi
Let your kids fly around their bedroom while getting calls from Señor Fox and his friends that need help to get home. Helicopter Taxi uses the camera on your iPhone so that it looks like it’s really flying next to you

The Pianist
The first widely available mobile multi-touch piano, kids love this and it’s considered one of the best.

Sea Stars
My daughter loves this one! One touch controls are all you need to guide the incredible Sea Stars through a sea full of coins and underwater dangers. Dive deep to pick up speed and leap from the water to somersault and avoid the angry jellies and rocket crabs along your path. You can also earn more animals to follow you as a pet.

Toddler Shapes
Learn SHAPES and more with fun games, quizzes, flashcards and puzzles.
Approved by teachers, parents and toddlers alike Toddler Teasers Shapes teaches while it entertains. With a focus on simplicity and full voice overs, toddlers play and learn without the need for extra help.

Alphabet Animals

Alphabet Animals – Talking ABC Cards for Kids is the perfect learning tool for your toddler. Packed with colorful animations, animal sounds, and learning examples, Alphabet Animals – Talking ABC Cards will keep your child’s attention while they absorb the alphabet.

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