Combine hearts wallpapers with red roses and other flowers, and you get these gorgeous wildflower heart wallpapers. Free download this wildflower heart design for your mobile phone and computer in seconds.

You don’t even need to share your email address; download them, set them as background, and enjoy!

Wildflower Heart Wallpaper For Computer

Wildflower heart in pink and red wallpaper for computer
Doesn’t this background make you feel like you’re one of the Powerpuff Girls?

This wildflower heart wallpaper comes in beautiful red and pink hues with a hypnotizing design that makes you want to keep looking at it for hours and hours. What a great way to keep yourself focused on your computer!

Wildflower Heart Wallpaper For Phone

Wildflower heart in pink and red wallpaper for phone
Such a pretty wallpaper.

Get a matching wallpaper for your phone too! This background is exactly the same as the computer one, but in a different size that matches all smartphones. You won’t want to change it.

Prefer a different color? We’ve got you!

Choose your favorite color heart wallpaper below for more free downloadable desktop and mobile wallpapers!

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