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How to keep brown sugar soft {Tuesday Tip}

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Here are a few tips for keeping brown sugar soft and fluffy!


Tips to keep brown sugar from clumping

Keep brown sugar in an air tight container

A terracotta disc is great for keeping brown sugar moist. I have had mine for years and have never had clumpy brown sugar. Every so often I just get the terracotta disk wet (let the water completely absorb into the terracotta before placing in the sugar)  We sell the brown sugar bear at Sweet Baking Supply.

A slice of bread placed with the brown sugar for a couple of days can make the sugar moist again.

Throw a few marshmallows in with your brown sugar and they too will help keep the sugar moist.

Toss a couple of saltine crackers in with the brown sugar

tips for making brown sugar not clump

Need a quick fix so you can bake right away?

Place the brown sugar in the microwave along with a small bowl of water sitting beside it.Microwave at 30 seconds intervals until soft. Watch closely so that you don’t melt it.

The brown sugar can also be placed in a baking pan or wrapped in aluminum foil  and set in a 250° F oven for 5 minutes or until soft.



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