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Homemade Rain Sticks from Flipflops & Applesauce

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The creative Chrissie from Flipflops & Applesauce shows us how to make a cool rain stick! Don’t forget to check out the other musical instruments she mentions in her post!

Chrissie writes…

Rain Sticks from Wrapping Paper Tubes

We’ve been exploring different homemade instruments like the guitar and the kazoo, so naturally it was time to make a rain stick. These wrapping paper tubes worked great and have provided our home with many moments of soothing nature sounds. They are also great for makeshift baton-twirling or practicing walking with a cane.

cardboard wrapping paper tube or mailing tube
aluminum foil
1-2 cups rice
2 {4″} squares 0f cardstock
2 rubber bands

1. Tear off a long sheet of aluminum foil. (About the length of the tube.) Twist into a snaky-spiral shape.
2. Insert aluminum foil snake into the cardboard tube.
3. Seal off one end of the tube with a 4″ square secured with a rubber band or tape.
4. Pour the rice into the open end of the tube.
5. Seal off the open end of the tube.
6. Decorate with stickers or paint or markers.
7. Turn slowly and listen to the sounds of the rain.

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