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Free Printable Recipe Cards

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I am so excited to share these free printable recipe cards that can be customized by you. Yes, that is right — simply choose a design, fill in your recipe title, ingredients, directions and then print!

This is brand new and we still might have a few bugs. Please give it a try and then give me feedback. If you can think of a way they might be improved, please let me know!

Below are instructions to walk you through the process. Once you are ready to give it a try go to Printable Recipe Cards.

Getting Started

The first step in creating your recipe cards is to select a size. Cards can either be 6″ by 4″, or 5″ by 3″. Two large cards or three small ones will fit on a single sheet of US letter.

If the lower check box is checked, the same recipe will appear on all cards. If not, a different recipe can be placed on each one.

Once a size is selected, click “Next Step” to move to the recipe entry screen.

Editing your recipe

The tabs at the bottom allow quick editing of any part of the recipe card.


Use the appearance tab to select a background and layout for the recipe card.

Recipe Information

Enter the name of the recipe, along with the name of the person that created it.


Enter ingredients for the recipe. The toolbar can be used to insert special characters, such as 1/4 and 1/2 measurements.


Use the directions tab to enter instructions on how to make the recipe.

Printing your recipe

Once all details of the recipe have been entered, use the “next stage” button to move forward. This will either move to the next recipe, or the print preview screen.

At the print preview, clicking the link to the left will display a full size preview in a new window. If everything looks the way you want, just click the print command to create your new cards!

Now you are ready to give the Free Recipe Card Maker a try!



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