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DIY Aqua Scope {Craft Camp}

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Maya of MayaMade writes……..

I’m so happy to return to Skip to my Lou Craft Camp! Summer is my absolute favorite season and I love having extra time to relax and play with my children and all of their friends. Our warm weather crafting tends to revolve around the great outdoors and nature.
This aqua scope is a wonderful scientific tool for any summer adventure involving water. It’s easy to make and you probably have all the materials around your house right now. (Read the exciting story, here, about how and why we made these underwater viewers. If you already have, then you know how extremely useful an aqua scope can be! I’m sure they’re also fun for simple observations, as well.)

How to make an aqua scope


  • plastic yogurt container
  • clear plastic from a plastic bag, food wrap, or shower curtain
  • rubber bands
  • x-acto knife


  1. Cut out the bottom of the container with an x-acto knife. Scissors will only crack the plastic. This should be done by and adult… and done with care.
  2. Stretch plastic over the cut out bottom and hold it in place with two rubber bands. Make sure that it is secured tightly.
  3. Cut away any excess plastic.
  4. Of possible interest: we didn’t have any plastic wrap in the house, so I ran upstairs to the shower and snipped off a segment from the clear shower curtain liner! Because of our well water’s high iron and mineral content, there were water deposits all over it making it useless for seeing through. Luckily, I remembered that vinegar cuts right through iron sediment and we were able to spiff up our plastic!

Take your aqua viewer down to a pond, lake, or creek and observe life underwater in a whole new way. Submerge the plastic covered bottom into the water and place your eyes into the container. Of course, if your glasses slip in first, you’ll know how to find them!


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