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Crayon Heart Pencil Toppers

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Earlier this week I posted about candy pencil toppers. I received a comment from Diane who mentioned at her school they could not bring in homemade edibles, in fact it is a new state wide law. YIKES. She had a great idea to fill the molds with melted crayon. I think the crayon hearts make really great pencil toppers.

Use the molds for making hard candy, the white ones NOT the clear.

Place a few chopped crayons into molds .

Place mold on cookie sheet. Bake for about 10 minutes at 250 degrees. Watch closely. Wax is highly flammable so extra care must be taken. Remove once crayons have melted.  The molds should be about half full.
Allow the crayon to cool just enough to thicken. Place plastic pencil pop in heart mold at a slight angle.
In oven proof container melt more  crayon. I used a tin can with the edge bent for easy pouring. Place can on cookie sheet or in pie plate to make it easier to remove from the oven. Also like colors melt best together. We choose blue and purple for the back, but it looks black. It colors fine but didn’t make the heart very pretty.
Pour melted crayons filling up the hearts to cover the plastic pencil pop. I first tried melting enough crayon in the molds  so the last pour wasn’t necessary, however I had too much trouble with the melted crayon running back into the pencil pop reservoir part of the mold.
When completely cool pop out of mold.
The Long Thread has a darling free printable to use with a crayon heart. If you are looking for some yummy treats and fun ideas visit Diane at Created By Diane. Her photographs are lovely!

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