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Holiday Bake Craft Sew and Crochet

Be sure to head over to Your Homebased Mom for loads of edible gift recipes and Thirty Handmade Days will help us craft the perfect handmade holiday. I will be sharing sewn and crocheted gift tutorials. We even have some incredible giveaways.  Each day be sure to visit the guest poster’s blog for a chance to win BIG! Up for grabs is a Cricut cutting machine, a Blendtec blender, a Baby Lock sewing machine and a $300 Michaels gift card! Grab a new entry every day! Be sure to enter to win a Baby Lock Sewing Machine!

Time to get sewing! I love zippered pouches, and this one so cute! I am so thrilled to share this tutorial from The Long Thread.

Make this simple zippered pouch to give friends and family this holiday season. I don’t know about you, but I have reached a point in my life where decorative things are lovely, but useful items are the best!


The perfect gift is something lovely and useful!


How to make a zippered pouch

This pouch measures 5″ x 7″ finished and is great for throwing into your bag for cosmetics, or a phone, credit cards and sunglasses. You could add a wrist strap and take it to go! These simple pouches are quick and easy and if you cut out a few at a time, you could make them as teacher gifts, or put them under the tree with a gift card inside.

Here, I’ve made mine with faux leather and a linen print from my fabric collection Framework on the outside, lined with a cotton chambray fabric backed with fusible fleece to create a sturdy pouch.

Zippered Pouch Supplies:

Cotton/linen blend outer fabric: fat quarter (18″ x 22″)

Cotton lining fabric: fat quarter (18″ x 22″)

7″ zipper

Matching thread

Optional: fusible fleece, faux leather


1. Cut outer fabric, lining and the optional fusible fleece to 6″ x 8″. (If using two pieces for the front as shown here, cut the top piece 4 1/2″ x 8″ and the bottom piece 2 1/2″ x 8″. Sew those pieces together.) If you are using fusible fleece for added stability, fuse it to the wrong sides of the two lining pieces.


2. With one outer piece and one lining piece right sides together, place the zipper in between the layers and sew them to the top side of the zipper tape using the zipper foot on your sewing machine. Begin the stitches 1/2″ from the one side and end 1/2″ from the other side, as shown in the digital stitch line above.


3. Press flat. With the zipper foot attachment still in place, topstitch along the fold, next to the zipper teeth.


4. Repeat step #2 and sew the remaining outer piece and lining piece to the opposite side of the zipper tape, as shown with the stitch line above. Again, begin and end 1/2″ from the sides.


5. Press and topstitch again on this side, as shown above. You should now have two pieces of fabric sewn to either side of the zipper with the wrong sides of the fabric facing one another as shown above.


6. Fold and pin the lining pieces to one another and the outer pieces to one another, with right sides facing. Fold the zipper tape towards the lining side, and open the zipper halfway. Sew around as shown above, leaving a 3″ opening in the bottom of the lining.

7. Clip the corners and trim the excess fabric. Turn the pouch right sides out through the opening and push out the corners. Then pin together the opening in the lining and stitch along the folds. Tuck the lining into the pouch and press it flat.


I hope you make lots of simple things this holiday season and stay stress-free!


Ellen Baker is author of 1, 2, 3 Sew and 1, 2, 3 Quilt from Chronicle Books. She is a fabric designer for the Japanese company, Kokka and a blogger at The Long Thread. Ellen lives in Atlanta with her husband and two daughters. For creative inspiration and crafty adventures with kids, you can follow Ellen on Twitter or Instagram, or like her page on Facebook.

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  1. Zippers have terrified me! I think I’ll have to give it a whirl because there is nothing like a zippered pouch and I firmly believe you cannot have too many of them!

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