Oh I need to get organized and have a plan! In the past I have been really happy and satisfied with SavingDinner.com.  There is no thinking involved!  For a fee you are emailed a set of recipes each week along with a shopping list.   I especially like the freezer meals from Saving Dinner. The ones for the grill are really great. I also like that I can choose a menu by dietary need —heart healthy, low carb .  You can even choose by which hemisphere you live in. She even has holiday menus!  One of the biggest benefits is that her recipes use a wide variety of meats, vegetables and fruits so it keeps us eating a really varied diet and keeps my kids trying new things.  But most important, all week long I can always answer that big question, “What’s for dinner?”  For some reason I have fallen off the wagon—so I am hopping back on.

If you would like to give saving dinner meals a try  then leave a comment by Friday at midnight and one lucky reader will receive a free 5 for the Freezer meal plan from  Saving Dinner!

I am also anxious to try Stacy’s recommendation for You’ve Got Supper! This service is free.

I have my recipes and shopping list printed and I am off to the store!  Have a great day!

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  1. I’d love to try this as well. I’m a busy teacher (love your Teacher Appreciation ideas), mom of 3, and crafter. I need help with dinner ideas.

  2. Oh, I’ve never heard of this! What an amazing service to offer- and so needed. I’d like to enter, also, please.

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