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It’s Amanda from Shindig Parties To Go here guest posting today with a fun Valentines Class Favor idea. I’m so excited to join you on one of my very FAVORITE blogs!
Let’s face it, Valentines is pretty much for the girls. If you’ve got boys, you’re probably searching the Valentines aisles for plain-jane commercialized Star Wars or Transformers cards to give out to classroom pals. It seems that everything cute for Valentines is pink and frilly and most definitely “pretty.”
Well, the search is over! Today I’m sharing a cute Valentine that even the boys will like. It’s a rocket made from a rolo candy roll.
Fun! This project is pretty quick and most definitely easy (my kind of project!).
With just a few supplies, you and your son can work together to make some sweet classroom treats that he’ll be proud to hand out to his best buds.
– Rolo candy rolls (find them for about $.89/each in the grocery store)
– Photo paper or brochure paper (can use white cardstock but the photo paper will print much more vividly)
– Hot glue
– Scotch tape
– Scissors
– Orange and yellow tissue paper
Step 1:  After printing your rocket craft files onto photo paper or brochure paper, cut each of the designs out with scissors.

Step 2: Take your orange and white striped rocket piece and wrap it around one tube of rolos. Use scotch tape to secure.

Step 3: Take the blue rocket top piece and roll it into a cone shape. Hot glue it closed, or you may use scotch tape (sometimes hot glue doesn’t adhere to photo paper).

Step 4:  Put a generous amount of hot glue at the top of the rolo tube and the place the blue cone on top. Hold until the glue dries.

Step 5:  Cut stacks of the yellow and orange tissue paper into triangular shapes and then cut the wider base to resemble flames. Place 2-3 sheets of your cut yellow pieces on top of 2-3 pieces of cut orange tissue and scrunch the top into a point. Place a dab of hot glue on the point and glue it to the bottom of the rolo candy cylinder. Next put another dab of glue onto the tab of the cloud cut out and glue it down at the base of the rolo candy on top of the yellow tissue paper.

Voila! Cute!
Be sure to put your child’s “to” and “from” information on the back side of the clouds before you hand them out to classmates.

Be sure to make them for the girls in class, too.
I think they might be jealous if only the boys got their own rockets and rolos!

I hope you’ll join me sometime over at Shindig Parties To Go.
I’d love to have some new visitors to my Blog, Shop or Facebook page.
There’s always a few freebies and some fun party ideas!

Happy Crafting! I hope your boys love their rockets!

Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing all the crafty Valentines ideas you guys will have in the next two weeks!

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  1. Thanks so much for this awesome idea! It was an absolute hit at our play group party today–among both the boys AND the girls. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. My son and I made these for his friends. Thanks for the easy instructions and the print outs. You made me a hero.

  3. My Little Man is always talking about “going into space in his rocket” so these are just the thing for him for preschool .He loved them when I showed him. Thank you so much!!!!!

  4. I checked at Sam’s, and a box of 36 Rolo rolls is $19.98. If you have extra Rolos, you can use them to make wonderful “turtles”.

  5. We have seen a LOT of fun Valentine ideas out there, but my boys just picked this one out of everything I showed them this morning. Such a great idea…so cute! Thanks for sharing!

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