This Valentine door is amazing, can you believe it is made with a Valentine printable?  If you are looking for some Valentine Crafting consider this Love you Oodles and Noodles Necklace, pair it with the free printable for the perfect gift. If you are looking for loads of ideas before to check out these amazing Valentines. I have teamed up with some of the most creative bloggers to share the cutest Valentines imaginable. Each day you will be amazed with their cleverness! Don’t miss a day! Hope to see you tomorrow.

Please Welcome Lori,

Hi there, friends!  My name is Lori McDonough and I’m from Fresh Picked Whimsy.  Today I’m sharing with you a fun Valentine’s DIY with a really high WOW factor!

Every February I cover my front door with these sweet hand-drawn hearts.

full door

LoriMcDonough printables 3


Valentine Doodled Hearts DIY {printable}

When Cindy asked me to participate in this Valentine printable roundup, I created these free printables so that anyone could add a little doodled love to their door or window. {No doodling skills required!}


How to make a Valentine Doodled Hearts Door

Here’s a very short list of what you will need…

A white medium point WATER-BASED sharpie marker.  {I found mine at Michael’s}

Scotch tape

heart doodle printables (there are three pages):  one, two & three

LoriMcDonough printables 4

Make sure your door or window is clean and then tape the printables onto the surface.

LoriMcDonough printables 2

You will be working on the other side of the window or door.

LoriMcDonough printables 5

Simply, trace the hearts and patterns with the sharpie.  Look at you!!! You’re a doodler!

Move the printables around on the window and repeat until the window is covered to your liking.  You’ll be a heart-drawing pro in no time!

LoriMcDonough printables 6

No worries if you don’t have a full glass storm door like mine…try painting your hearts on a sliding glass door, front door sidelights, a shower door (paint the outside!) or even a classroom door window.

After Valentine’s Day, windex and some paper towels will leave your glass surface crystal clear again!


I’m an illustrator and you might also enjoy my free printable illustrated Valentines , or the DIY jumbo poster board window hearts I made for my studio.  I love to paint hand lettered signs and illustrations, too!  Be sure to check out my etsy store! Fresh Picked Whimsy is where I share the happy chaos that comes from the fusion of my life as a busy mom and my life as an illustrator at whimsy studios!

Let’s be friends!  You can find Lori McDonough on facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and twitter

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  1. If you “oopsie” and use Permanent marker – nail polish remover will usually get it off. Acetone is another option. Might stain colored doors… But if you used permanent marker, your Door is pretty much ****ed anyway. Lol.

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