I hope you enjoy this sponsor giveaway from The Cupcakes Club!

Although you can’t eat them…they are just as sweet as your favorite treat–

A deliciously titled children’s book series, ‘The Cupcakes Club’ has an interactive website for girls who have a craving for something fun, fresh and filled with sweet style. The Cupcakes Club offers young girls a FREE membership to a fun-filled, wholesome website based on the characters from the Cupcakes Club book series.

It couldn’t be easier to join the official website and become a member. The website is girl friendly, with a sweet center bursting with fun and games, contests, advice and regular updates on what’s happening to the girls from The Cupcakes Club book series. It’s all safely monitored for parental peace of mind!

The Cupcakes Club are girls with all the right ingredients® However you like your Cupcakes– Every girl is a Cupcake at the Cupcakes Club!

“Wake up to a delicious morning and a sweet day with The Cupcakes Club clock!” If you know of a special little girl be sure to tell her to sign up at The Cupcakes Club and leave a comment on this post by Sunday night at midnight and you could win this retro Cupcakes Alarm clock for her!

For more information on The Cupcakes Club books, website or author, please contact:
Donna Benson

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  1. Both my daughters are members & love it.

    Actually that soccer book is the most enjoyed book my non-reading (she knows how but hates it) 11 year daughter has read. She told me thanks to the cupcake club she likes to read.

    I also found out that she has always pretended to read during reading time at school until this book. Nice huh, lol.

  2. I can’t wait to share this site with my granddaughter. She loves to read and I’m sure she will enjoy this. Thank you.

  3. My girl is going to think I am the coolest Mom ever when I tell her about this website, and they have books! Woohoo.

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