We had a cookie decorating class where really cool spider web cookies were made!

We mixed up royal icing in two consistencies. Use stiff royal icing with a number two tip to pipe an outline around the cookie.

Thin the royal icing and use a bottle to flood the area inside the outline.

While the icing is still wet, pipe a spiral on top of the cookie using a number 2 tip.

Use a toothpick to pull through the icing to create the spider web.

Practice piping a spider a couple of times.

Spider is made with thick royal icing in a pastry bag with a number 2 tip.

When you are feeling great about your spiders, pipe one directly on the spider web.

You can even make spider webs in cool colors!

Here’s the Royal Icing Recipe. Click on the recipe card to download.

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  1. Oh My Gosh!!!! Those are so cute. I need to come and take a class….unless you could make some cookies for my class parties 🙂
    I will be signing up soon!

  2. Very cute…where did you get the cookie cutter shape? Would love to make these for Halloween treats.


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