What kiddo wouldn’t love to stick their hand into a shark’s mouth to deliver a Valentine card? This shark Valentine box makes a big impact and is sure to bring the giggles this Valentine’s Day.

Blue smiling shark Valentine box with fins, sharp teeth and large eyes by Skip to My Lou.
Go ahead, I won’t bite!

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Make your life easy by using my printable template and have a blast making this shark valentine card box. Kids love sharks and will have so much fun with this friendly guy.

Blue shark Valentine box with huge eyes, sharp teeth, red tongue and friendly grin by Skip to my Lou.
Make this friendly shark Valentine box today

Shark Valentine Box Supplies

  • shoebox
  • blue copy paper (I used 5 sheets to cover the shoebox) or wrapping paper
  • 1 sheet of red copy paper
  • white cardstock
  • color printer
  • tape
  • gluestick (hot glue gun works if used by an adult, please)
  • scissors
  • printable shark (color)
  • printable shark (black and white) Use as a template to cut the shapes out of colored paper.
  • knife to cut a hole in the shoe box
  • pen
Supplies needed for making a shark Valentine box sitting out. Supplies are a yellow and white striped shoe box, clear tape roll, glue stick and colored paper by Skip to my Lou.
Quick peek at shark supplies
  • Download and print the pdf in color on white cardstock.
  • Cut the mouth out of the body. Place the body piece on the show box and draw around the mouth.
  • Cut out the mouth hole on the box. Notice the mouth is big enough for cards and treats.
Yellow and white shoebox with a shark mouth outlined in black marker by Skip to my Lou.
Trace the shark’s mouth
Yellow and white shoebox with shark mouth cut out by Skip to my Lou.
Then cut it out
  • Wrap the shoe box with blue paper. Make slits in the blue paper in the mouth area and fold them inside and tape them.
Shoe box wrapped in blue paper by Skip to my Lou
Shoe box wrapped in blue paper with shark mouth almost all the way opened by Skip to my Lou.
Shoebox wrapped in blue paper with the shark's mouth all the way open by Skip to my Lou.
  • Not shown, tape a piece of red paper inside of the box.
  • Stick the teeth to the back of the body piece in the mouth area.
  • Stick the body to the wrapped shoebox.
  • Glue on eyes and nostrils.
Blue box with white paper forming the shark's face and belly. Sharp white teeth hang from the shark's top lip by Skip to my Lou.
It’s taking shape
Blue box with white paper forming the shark's face and belly. Large black and white eyes, 2 black nostrils and sharp white teeth hang from the shark's top lip by Skip to my Lou.
Those eyes are huge
  • Place glue on the back of the fins and fold them in half.
  • Glue fins to box.
Upclose look at the blue paper shark fin and the folds to make so it can be glued to the shoebox by Skip to my Lou.
Blue triangular shark fin glued to the side of the shoebox by Skip to my Lou.
Side view of the shark Valentine box showing top, side and back fins by Skip to my Lou.
Almost finished! How cute those fins look!
Blue shark Valentine box complete with red paper tongue, huge black and white eyes, black nostrils, sharp white teeth and blue fins by Skip to my Lou.
The red tongue certainly completes this shark box

Before You Swim Away

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Thank you for being here with me today and please let me know how liked this tutorial and how your shark box turned out!

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