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  1. Cute Blog! Scentsy uses the word Scentational too! You have such a cute website “Skip to my Lou”.

    I love this idea, so simple and it is a really nice thing to do for the teachers. Teachers need more appriciation!

  2. I give teachers Scentsy products every year and they love them! In fact, Scentsy is a very safe alternative to many other fragrance products. Most asthma and allergy patients can use Scentsy when they can’t use other products. With over 80 scents to choose from, it is very easy to select a Scentsy fragrance that is not too strong, or one that is not “nut” related. There is always someone in the world that will be allergic to something, the dust, pollen, perfume, florals, etc. I am sorry one person had a reaction in a classroom, but that is definitely not the norm. With over 100,000 Scentsy Consultants just in the US, trust me, Scentsy is definitely being used everyday in classrooms across America and loved by many. If a student has an allergy, the teacher should be aware of it and can choose her scents appropriately.

  3. Gifts to the teacher are always kind, but teachers, please refrain from using scented products like this in the classroom. Last year while volunteering in my children’s school I experienced anaphylaxis due to a Scentsy product and an undiscovered nut allergy. No teacher would want to risk such a reaction in their classroom.

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