You know that I save toilet paper rolls.

They can be made into so many things — mummies, rockets, Uncle Sam hats, flower party favors……………….

even cute pillow boxes perfect for a little favor!

Fold in one side of the end.

Then fold in the other side. Repeat on other end.

Open back up and give the toilet paper  roll a bit of paint. Be careful to not use too much paint if your toilet paper roll is extra thin.

Give it a nice shine with a light coat of clear spray paint.

Fill with candy and treats, fold back ends.

How about some for Halloween? The kids could have a great time making these for all of their friends.

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  1. If you are not happy about using toilet paper rolls, please don’t ruin other peoples’ interest.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful idea on recycling those tissue roll cardboard, now I can reuse those roll left in our 40 hotel rooms. Thanks again

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