Hey everyone! My name is Kayla from Sweet Anne Designs and I am SO excited to be here today! This little project was inspired by my own experience with gift-giving. Here’s how the story went.

I was thinking: “What do you get the person who has everything?” Your time. The idea of a love coupon is to give the gift of yourself. A back massage, a night out on the town, etc.

These vouchers promise your signifigant other some special time with you, and that is a gift that can’t be bought.

So, I sat down and created two sets of coupons; one for women to give to men (with coupons for a guy’s night out, and video games) and a set for men to give to women (with phrases like, “free TV drama” and “Free Chick Flick.”). I worked hard, and they look very nice. (In the Etsy Store for $3.00 here).

But then I got to thinking…again. Most of the coupons I made wouldn’t suit me and my Husband. The things we like to do aren’t so main stream. (Like, playing Legend of Zelda Twilight Sword and going Thrift-Store shopping.) And I bet I am not the only one. So, I came up with THESE puppies. They are free, blank printable business cards sized coupons. Perfect for writing your OWN coupons tailored to your life. Enjoy!

How To Make It:

  • Download the free template HERE
  • Print template on card stock
  • Cut out cards on the dotted line. (You may also use Avery business card paper- and most other business card papers.)
  • Write your special messages on them! Don’t be afraid to get saucy if that’s something you think your special someone would like. Or, keep it clean and use them for parents and friends! Give mom a “Free house cleaning,” or your best friend a “Free Dinner and a glass of wine.”

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  1. OMG…thanks so much for this great treat for those who I love. Now to think of all the redeeming that needs to be handed out! Fun, fun, Fun!

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