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  1. What a lovely gift you’ve shared today.
    You’ve solved the dilemma of what I’d give to my valentine – he’s definitely getting a Udaman chocolate – or two!

    Felicity x

  2. Your printable wrappers are just fantastic ideas! Can’t wait to make them
    myself. Maybe your readers would want to try some educational ideas for their kids like making their own jigsaw puzzles. We’re sharing a free ebook on puzzle making for kids that contains templates to print and cut and easy
    DIY instructions that they will enjoy.

  3. Oh how I love these! Seriously, they are so beautiful and such a great idea!! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. Love love love these wrappers – I was wondering what I could do for Valentine’s day, as I’ll be away the whole week… now I know! Make my own chocolate, cut it into bars, and wrap in some of these wrappers ready for Valentine’s day! THANK YOU!! Love your site, I get some great ideas here 🙂

  5. GREAT POST!! So many cute designs, and such a simple way to dress up your chocolate for Valentine’s day (not that chocolate *needs* any dressing up ;)! Number one is my favorite, and number three would be so fab for my guy. 🙂

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